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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Switch OLED and retro handheld giveaway raffle - comment here to enter!

    Well I just got your email! Man what a throwback lol. Good ole GBAtemp, still remember the days of sitting in the IRC channel waiting for Pokemon to drop.
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    Hacking Does the DSTWO support .dsi extension?

    Hi, I'm planning on buying a DSTWO from shoptemp, my niece wants the Imagine Artist game but I saw that its a dsi enhanced game with a file extension of .dsi. I read that the AKAIO flash card supports .dsi extensions (you can play the game but not use any of the dsi only features) So my...
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    Wii #XXXX - Samurai Warriors 3 (Europe)

    Anymore info on this? ...Is it gonna be nuked? I don't want to waste my time if this is a bad dump. Thanks.
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    Hacking M3i Zero Questions

    Thanks for all the replies but Im still confused. Are there flashcarts capable of playing DSi made games My nice wants the icarly game but i see its a dsi made game. So thats why I'm asking. Can the m3i zero do it? I would try it myself but i dont have it with me atm. Thanks again for your...
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    Hacking M3i Zero Questions

    Hi everyone. I have a normal NDS and I use the M3i zero flash cart so far its been perfect. My questions are: 1. Can I play Dsi roms on my normal DS with the flash cart 2. Whats the latest version of the firmware for the M3i zero and where can I get it? Thanks alot for any help you can offer.
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    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    Hi sorry if this question is stupid but does this work with dvds, i.e can it be used to played games that are backed up on dvd's? I've been using neogamma to play backups but im thinking of changing to something else.. If this does not work with dvds are there any other backup launchers that...
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    GBAtemp Halloween 2009 Competition

    My entry: Gi Joe.....Go Joe
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    Hacking Wii freezing during movie scenes in games

    Yes this is true, i thought it was just me but the cut scenes also freezes for me, and i'm burning onto verbatim dvd-r So far it happens for mario power tennis, cabela's big game hunter (entire onpening video fps slows down) and also Need for speed undercover sticks sometimes during the game...
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    Gaming PsP Go Hackable?

    Hi everyone, First time i'm looking at hacking a psp and i've read all the faqs and tutorials about hacking the psp phat and slim and i am now up to date with the lingo and procedure (i think) Anyway i'm think of buying a psp-go and so far i havent seen any info on this site about the custom...
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    Hacking Help? could not set the revision to 0

    Thanks guys everything is good and perfect now.. Word of advice to any who finds themeselves in this predicament and am reading this.... then don't upgrade to 4.2...(if your reading this the you probably already did) If you did then read this:
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    Hacking Help? could not set the revision to 0

    Hi xflak40, Sorry about the confusion, I was on 3.1u and then i did an offical nintendo upadate to 4.2u. I was using TBR 1.0, will try and find and try with TBR 1.1. Didn;t know 1.1 was out.
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    Hacking Help? could not set the revision to 0

    Thanks for the fast reply kiiwii, I'm a bit skeptical about going forward, from what i've read everywhere isnt a bugged ios36 need?? Is this sort of error common for 4.2u?? Thanks again for the fast reply/
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    Hacking Help? could not set the revision to 0

    Hi i just tried modding a wii, it was 3.1u and i read everywhere on the forum that i should just do an offical nintendo update to 4.2u and then use the new bannerbomb through the sd menu and i got HBC and Boot Mii up and running perfectly. But in the next set to mod the wii was to use the...
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    Hacking RELEASE: v4.2 Safe Firmware Updater

    Thanks again for your fast and helpful words. Now that I've read your post I agree with you, so I wont install the preloader.
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    Hacking RELEASE: v4.2 Safe Firmware Updater

    Ok THANKS Just did it and everything is good now, installed back HBC and bootmii as IOS. Just a quick question before I did the update I had preloader v0.29 installed and i use to get to it by holding down the rest button when powering in but also after the upgrade it was not there. Does...
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    Hacking RELEASE: v4.2 Safe Firmware Updater

    Aw man, My wii was moded and I had HBC installed, without updating HBC first, I use the safe firmware updater and when it was finished it loaded back into HBC then i existed HBC the it went to the channels window and no HBC channel was there. What do I do now????
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    GBAtemp Contests and Polls Future Plans

    Easy with the language.
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    How bout a Live Chatroom for GBATEMP

    At least poeple who use the forum can have a place to instantly chat...even if is irc, and there is no tutorial u need to read or so....just typed in your name and start chanting. I f made the admins or the supervisors if the want can put a link to the chat...becuase i made the page for Gbatemp
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    New: 1131 - Madden NFL 2004 (U)

    Personally i don't like any sports game excpet soccer and basketball.
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    How bout a Live Chatroom for GBATEMP

    You can also send files to one another through the chat applet.
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