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  1. Mr_P

    Fusee vs Hekate

    Hi All, a noob type question here: Using a switch with 13.0 and AMS 1.1.1 and normally use Tegra to boot with the hekate 5.6.3.bin file that is in the latest release. I use the emuMMC boot option to keep everything on the SD I have incognito setup and the emuMMC text file too (not 90dns yet)...
  2. Mr_P

    13.0 update error

    Hi All, experienced issues when upgrading to 13.0 and hopefully its a simple fix. I will try and list what I did etc and I'm sure I'll miss bits of info but hopefully you can help: 0 - followed this YouTube video - with this guide -
  3. Mr_P

    Gaming Buying Accounts

    Hey all, was looking into buying a ps4 account that comes with games on it from a seller. It states setting the account with the games to Primary, and this may seem a silly question but are there any risks to my psn account / information if i setup the new user as primary then download, log...
  4. Mr_P

    Hacking Absolute NOOB could apreciate help

    So bear with me: Took the plunge and bought what is advertised as a brand new unpatched switch maybe running 3.0.2 firmware XAJ7 green (looking at the images attached to the auction) and have read the switch guide and looked but still am not 100%. So here goes: 1 - if it completely unpatched...
  5. Mr_P

    Hacking Selling Wii U - removal help

    Am selling my CBHC Wii U and it is linked to a NNID. I have looked and noticed about the chances of brick if i remove the VC game. Is there anyway to logout / remove the nintendo account or something to that affect still allowing me data privac, etc
  6. Mr_P

    Hacking Help with game update, WUP and other issues

    Just wanted to check a few things as I'm cautious here. 1.Have my Wii U on 5.3.2, Tubehax block 2. Have SSB which I would guess is the 5.4.0 version as it asks for an update(Made in Japan) ( think game not system) Haven`t allowed the disc to update - should I? 3. I have tried I believe...
  7. Mr_P

    Hacking NOOB Help !!

    Ok guys, just bought a UK Wii U SSB version. Have updated it to 5.3.2. Am looking at Eric Zanders tutorial and just needed a few questions answering. Apologies if they have been covered but there are over 600 pages in the complete guide. 1 - Is Uwizard able to rip Wii U games, if so can a...
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