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  1. Rul3r

    Hacking Hi so I'm new to the scene and wanted to know if I'm missing anything?

    Hi, so I'm new to Switch Modding and I have Atmosphere set up along with a few Super Smash Brothers. mods! I wanted to know; is there anything else I should set up / look into when it comes to modding to keep myself as safe as possible or low risk of any issues? I just have Smash Ultimate...
  2. Rul3r

    Homebrew Anyway to get save file from USB while game is on the actual console?

    I want to get my BotW save from my USB, but the game and update data is installed on the console. Moving the save data will remove BotW + update, but moving them to the USB will delete the save. What can I do to get it off of the USB? I tried Savemii but it doesn't seem to work for it (makes an...
  3. Rul3r

    Homebrew Install Error: 0xFFFcFFBF in WUP installer Y...

    Can someone tell me a fix for this? I can't find a solution ANYWHERE online, and I am trying to install Pokken Tournament, but I can't find this error code anywhere. :| So does anyone know the fix to this error code out there ? I'll be grateful if they can help me find the solution, I miss...
  4. Rul3r

    Hacking When I start my Autosave on Breath of the Wild my USB crashes?

    Why does this keep happening? :| I start my auto save on BotW and my Wii U gives me "A problem with the USB device". I tested it with Shantae and Shovel Knight, no crash happened after 20 mins of play on each. But on BotW, instant crash.
  5. Rul3r

    Hacking So, how do you check what files are good and bad in a download?

    I keep hearing of 'cDecrypt' but I can't get that to work properly for my downloaded file?
  6. Rul3r

    Gaming BotW US installation on WUP installer...

    I keep getting "install error code 0xFFFBFFE7" when I try to install BotW's US files on my Wii U. I wanted to replace the EU one because I didn't want to require an internet connection to play the game. So, what do I do to fix this error code? I re-downloaded BotW US (2 different ways, Wii U USB...
  7. Rul3r

    Hacking Why do my games when updating and loaded from USB say "data is corrupted"?

    When I update some games from USB loading, they'll start to update then say "Data is corrupted". Why?
  8. Rul3r

    Hacking Please help, when I install games with uTikDownloadHelper...

    Some games I install will tell me "The data is corrupted" when it is updating on my Wii U. These are installed via USB from WUP installer and from uTikDownloadHelper. When I click the game to play it, it'll begin to update then tell me "The data is corrupted." And if I continue to play with no...
  9. Rul3r

    Hacking Why do games I download using uTikLoaderHelper give me error?

    When I try to update some games (such as Just Dance 2017 and Mario Tennis Ultra Smash) from uTiketLoaderHelper, it gives me a 'the data is corrupt' when trying to update it. Why? I'm using my USB via the brazilian method.
  10. Rul3r

    Hacking Any way to shrink an ISO?

    I have Xenoblade Chronicles X downloaded, and I want to put it on my SD to convert it into a USB game (1 terabyte USB, but 16 GB SD card), any way I can make the Xenoblade Chronicles X game smaller (used uTicketLoader) to make it fit on my SD card so I can convert it to my USB drive?
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