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  1. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    Hello all trying to hack a system for my nephew using the guide but the site is down and i cant for the life of me find a good resource for updating a new 3ds from menuhax to b9s or a new 3ds on 11.5 to b9s. Sorry to make such a post but im absolutely lost. Thank you
  2. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Henkaku and game updates

    Hey guys i was trying to use my spoofed ps vita to download some game updates for my card based games i noticed that if i dumped my game and installed an update it would not work so im assuming that they are encrypted but is it possible for me to install a update zip and have them working on...
  3. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Gateway compatible code MHG One item craft

    Hello all! im looking for a gateway code for monster hunter generations like a code in prior games that lets you craft a weapon or armor if you have one of the required material. so far i havent found much and i dont want to edit my save and risk giving myself a weapon that results in a ban...
  4. HarEllis6202

    Hacking very frustrated with red new 3ds.....

    Hey all long time no see...anyways long story short im hacking a system for a coworker cause hes a really nice guy and trusts me enough to modify his system but we have had issues first i got a partial downgrade to 9.2 where homemenuhax was saying cant detect home menu version after sysupdater...
  5. HarEllis6202

    Hacking pokemon new 3ds want to dump and inject gbc

    nevermind it seems the process is not to be shared and even if i got crystal into yellow it still uses its app id so i cannot install both and it freezes really bad
  6. HarEllis6202

    Gaming Pokemon Red and Blue theme code giveaway!

    To be clear I have only one code but instead of using it I would rather give it to someone who wants it and has a good story related to pokemon. For example this is true... When I was a kid I moved to a new neighborhood from a bad one in Detroit and I lost all of my old friends since...
  7. HarEllis6202

    Hacking stupid me updated my n3dsxl emunand

    to make a long story short im trying to use devmenu to install cias for 10.3 in emunand which is 9.0 and sysupdater and devmenu fail at a cia...hope exactly can i fix my mistake since gateway is busy. i know I did literally the stupidest thing i could do besides maybe installing to sysnand but i...
  8. HarEllis6202

    Hacking WUP Error 0xFFFCFFE0

    tried to update my spoof from 5.3.2 at 5.5.0 to 5.5.1 posted in the main thread and in homebrew discussion i cant even find this error anywhere and was hoping someone had a fix? please and thank you it is much appreciated Edit: No matter what sd card or way i attempt to spoof it just wont work...
  9. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Monster Hunter X header question for gateway

    Hello i was wondering for monster hunter x do i need a japanese header in order to go online?
  10. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Updating 8.1 to 9.2 2ds autoboot cfw

    Hello all! the 3ds scene has changed since i was last involved so now im wondering, i figured out how to install rxtools after it too has changed and now im trying to install a cia installer but i dont want to go over the health warning app isnt there a way to install it like gateway?. also...
  11. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Question about loadiine and future fw

    Hello all its been quite some time since I was last here when crediar released his installer and everything. Now my question is I know loadiine doesn't have to be installed on my system but has the steps to use it changed?last time I couldn't decrypt my isos and the ones I couldn't get to work...
  12. HarEllis6202

    Hacking discu and uwizard problem

    Hello all so long story short i cannot extract the needed game files with uwizard and discu keeps telling me wrong disc key lenght and i even have tried it all together and seperate. hopefully someone has an answer i want to start using loadiine. Thank you for your time
  13. HarEllis6202

    Gaming Mario Maker The Quest for Stars

    Sorry if the topic is misleading but I was wondering in others owners opinions what's the best way to get stars from the course players? Should it be easy,hard,just plain fun? My research looking at the most stared levels seems like automated levels are the only way. Seems like the easiest way...
  14. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Cannot update Mario maker

    Using the wiiutools site and the GUI nus grabber to get Mario maker updated but for some reason it freezes upon load with no luck for quite some time. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. HarEllis6202

    Windows 10 concerns

    Hello everyone :) I just wanted to get the general opinion of everyone here about windows 10, my PC is a fair gaming PC that can play most on ultra or max at 60fps and I received my notification for a free windows upgrade for the first year and bow I have two "keys" reserved let's sat but I'm...
  16. HarEllis6202

    Hardware Did I waste 20$? Component video out

    Hello all so yesterday I bought a component cable for my Wii hoping to get a better signal since everyone reccomends it. Long story short I have good vision and I am seeing absolutely no difference and I am shocked. Coming from the Dreamcast and ps2 where these connectors usually make things...
  17. HarEllis6202

    Hacking is it possible downgrading system settings o3ds,2ds

    Hello the title says it all, with gateway releasing 3.2 and the new nvram feature could i downgrade just my sysnand system settings to 4.5 and use that? im trying to use 3dnus but im paranoid as i dont have a hard mod and would appreciate someone input....hopefully someone else has done this...
  18. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Installing cios...

    Hello all i just got a wii sent to me from my brother claming it doesnt load games he backed up, whenever i try to backup and load animal crossing city folk it gives me an error with cfg i believe its a fragment error 0 3. people have said its maybe a faulty ios but i have used mauifrogs same...
  19. HarEllis6202

    Hardware looking to pick up a ps4 for remote play

    Hello all I recently got my PS Vita 3.35 with ape escape working and I saw over on wololo there may be a new WebKit exploit for PSV 3.36 and ps4 2.50 but a ps4 on 2.50 requires the vita to be on 3.50. My question is if I buy a ps4 right now can I tell which firmware its on by serial or am I...
  20. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Ape Escape On The loose driving me crazy

    Hello all, im currently trying to use the opencma trick to connect my ps vita to my cfw ps3 in order to transfer but i keep getting the update firmware message is there some other way i could install the game? thanks for the help EDIT: so i got it working but now i cannot transfer tv-v11
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