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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in '189,819 Letters? Seriously?'

    Don't you back out when you do get one :creep:
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in '189,819 Letters? Seriously?'

    That shit sure is worth the effort :P
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in '189,819 Letters? Seriously?'

    Okay, did a few searches, and the damn thing truly is the name of titin, which chemical formulae is C132.983 H211.861 N36.149 O40.883 S693 However, it's a name, not really a word in a sense that it's plausible to use that in a conversation. Well, it depends on how you define "word" actually
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in '189,819 Letters? Seriously?'

    Is it really? I see that as the connected names of ingredients of proteins that make up titin with "phobia" attached at the end, I won't really count it as a real word, more like... "jumbled sentence" But then again, we have "muggle" as an official word, maybe I'm actually wrong
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'Argument about America'

    Why should America risk their brave soldiers in World War II if they don't have to? :dry: Now, this statement can be countered by the argument "To make sure the fascists don't win" but really, don't poke your nose on an angry man's problem. If they didn't have to, then they shouldn't Besides...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'So long Artifical Intelligence!'

    In essence, I do like AI, because it's the reason our gaming world flourish, no one would want to play online games ALL the time, single player games offer great experience too The problem is the teacher, who -like I said- is an old bastard. After the monotonous voice and "instant fail" threat...
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    So long Artifical Intelligence!

    First, I really appreciate the fact that this forum is an English forum and don't have censor enabled in this particular area (blog) After one fucking year I'm finally away from Artificial Intelligence. Not that I'm not going to stop playing DotA Allstars 6.67 AI, but I no longer have to study...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'How do I counter a PSP Fanboy?'

    No, look closely at my first sentence: (Except DS got bad games, which is a partially true statement) Bratz and Imagine series are a bunch of shit created by some losers, gotta admit that fact, and that correlates very well with the point "DS got bad games" Because saying "I got some money"...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'How do I counter a PSP Fanboy?'

    Everything that they said (except DS got bad games, which is a partially true statement) are the fucking truth DS got small screen: fact, we got two screens, but each screen is small, and no you can't combine it since it's separated) DS got less powerful hardware: fact, Disgaea DS and Disgaea...
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    Should I continue?

    Let me cut this straight: I've registered and translated 5 pages of DotA Allstars. Yes, the very same one that you proud boys played over, I did it around 2 weeks ago Of course, to Indonesian. I have to admit, the first time I asked IceFrog to sign up to "translate" I thought it's...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'GAMING LAPTOP YARRRGHH!'

    Does that mean he can put another GeForce and SLI them? Then his problem with GFX is solved :D by the way..... take a look at this shit here take a look at that Alienware Area-51 M17X, Core2Duo Extreme, dual GeForce 9800M GT, packed with 8GB RAM :P and 1 TB hard drive (500GB additional...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'ebay auctions'

    outbid them with 2 secs left then :D prepare to bid $5 more and go get them, sniper programs are assholes, but if it's done manually, what can I say?
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'Do you think anyone would be interested in these headphones?'

    I want it, but can't have it, that's for sure And for that Ultrasone shit, I'll get my 90 cents earphone rather than that (no, really, it's Rp. 10,000 and the $ currency for today is Rp. 12,000 = $1, which makes it.... around 78 cents?). My ultracheap earphone survives 2 years of rough usage...
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    Feeling things slower?

    Have you ever heard that should someone expertised in something s/he could see things slower in that part? In my ordinary life, too ordinary that it's odd, I found my Taiko no Tatsujin DS somehow moves slower than before, it feels like the notes move at 60% speed that I can see it clearly, as...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'Help me buy a computer'

    It might be well worth it (sorry but... tl;dr) but really 4.5" is not that big... can you see anything at all? I can't see anything from the picture you posted...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'I'm screwed....'

    Nah I won't bite your head off dice... I'm pretty confident with my skills, granted I wasn't paying attention to quick srot, due to the masive amount of liens I have to write about that, but the rest of it is cool for me, almost like I can spell it out whenever I want. It was the 1st semester...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'I'm screwed....'

    No offense, but that's the stupidest thing one would do... Reasons: 1. It's the fucking final exam, so many students, so few teachers 2. Another irritating fact is that it's not made by one teacher, it's made by a team, which means the question at hand is PROBABLY not made by the teacher...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'My Wallpaper Collection'

    They're 1024x768, you can't crop 'em, you'll want to stretch 'em :) And photoshop is the best to do these kind of thing
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    I'm screwed....

    So, my exam results are out. Indonesian Language: 81 points, B English Language: 89 points, A Algorithm and Programming: 66 points, C Linear Algebra: 75 points, B Introduction to Information Technology: 82 points, B Discrete Mathematics: 75 points, B Final points: 2.8/4 What makes me hurt is...
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    Comment by 'Raestloz' in 'penispenispenispenispenis'

    I'm 18, and I have plenty of time to play..... Putting aside a few projects of course, but add to that the time for reading mangas.....
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