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  1. HarEllis6202

    Hey buddy long time no see! Glad to see your still around the temp

    Hey buddy long time no see! Glad to see your still around the temp
  2. HarEllis6202

    I'm backkkkk!

    I'm backkkkk!
  3. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Leeful/Al Azifs exploit host. Rest mode success?

    I'm using leeful on both 6.72 and 5.05 The trick with 5.05 is v8 or greater for me With 6.72 I gained more by installing pswhoar beta to the user guide
  4. HarEllis6202

    Why do people buy the latest iPhone/Samsung when they own last year's model?

    I didnt see anyone actually mention what damn near 50% of people are using now... There are two types of phones paid meaning you spent the full purchase price to OWN or a lease payment Most phones are LEASES like a car and those people dont pay for the cell phone in full they just make a 15 to...
  5. HarEllis6202

    Gaming do not buy last gen ports on the switch unless your out of the house alot

    No hardcore gamer will exclusively buy a console for more affordable games (unless your me...yikes!) People are more likely to buy a highly recommended or praised game especially if they have never played it and have some genuine curiosity towards it As for me? Yes if you want to play dark...
  6. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Question Arms Global Test on 4.1

    To further elaborate you cannot use either the splatoon or arms global testfire due to them being server based and locked to online only. Unless this round is different
  7. HarEllis6202

    Far Cry 5 "Guns for Hire" trailer

    Bad people killed my family So i will take down the bad people
  8. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    Just want to share my experience if both the target system and source have bought sudoku legit you have to go on the target system and delete the eshop account or else it will delete the game on both systems and render it unusable. Just need to get fbi installed Thanks everyone for the help
  9. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    thankfully i found it elsewhere but now it says on system transfer that some software and data will be unusable if i perform the transfer because i stupidly bought sudoku on the target system...anyway to get rid of the purchase so i can transfer?>
  10. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    unfortunately through a freak accident my n3ds got updated to 11.6 so i have a b9s system here and i plan to get sudoku but i need two magnet links i cant download either by adding them to bittorrent 2.54-0_11.4_NEW.firm other than that so far so good thank...
  11. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    Thank you! I did have one more question should i just update all consoles to 11.6 and use ntr since i have a supercard? rather not mess around with soundhax unless its faster
  12. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    so far nothing using pdanet over my smartphone but it hasnt been an issue before
  13. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    OK thanks im giving up then nothing i can do when my connection to every other published site works flawlessly atleast the cached version is impossible for me to navigate but exists
  14. HarEllis6202

    Hacking b9s guide down

    Hello all trying to hack a system for my nephew using the guide but the site is down and i cant for the life of me find a good resource for updating a new 3ds from menuhax to b9s or a new 3ds on 11.5 to b9s. Sorry to make such a post but im absolutely lost. Thank you
  15. HarEllis6202

    Gaming Nintendo Switch games semi-confirmed for European physical release

    Im sure there will be those games sold under the nintendo select label right after you buy them at whatever the market price is...that what happened to alot of people with the wii u
  16. HarEllis6202

    Gaming Nintendo Switch games semi-confirmed for European physical release

    This is good news hopefully rmx gets a usa hardcopy im not much for digital since all my saves are tied to the console anyways i wnt to atleast have the freedom to play it on another unit after the first one is smashed
  17. HarEllis6202

    you deserve a cookie and a hug

    you deserve a cookie and a hug
  18. HarEllis6202

    Gaming Zelda update 1.1.1 is out

    Wish i was recording but this patch is the worst yet...I lost hearts for no reason, still finding rocks that are half finished and the cherry on the pie for me is my frame rates are my game locks up and runs slow regardless of the mode (ie handheld or docked) im rather quite pissed...
  19. HarEllis6202

    Hacking Nintendont

    Im having massive issues with final fantasy crystal chronicles it makes it to the first splash screen and it reboots my wii u yet it comes up as compatable and shrinkable ....any help would be great
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