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  1. IronMask

    Hacking How To Softmod (Hack) Your PSP

    Thanks, I have not really been in the PSP scene and a friend asked me if I could modify their PSP and this tutorial worked perfectly. :D It's nice to see someone post a clear tutorial for people to easily follow. My hat is off to you. ;)
  2. IronMask

    Hacking Best Way to Mod Any Wii: ModMii for Windows: Official Support Thread

    This ModMii package is some outstanding work. Great to see someone cares about the n00bs as much as I do. :P Kudos XFlak! :D
  3. IronMask

    Hacking LT+ 2.0 Is Out.

    Patience my child, C4EVA is working his arse off on these firmwares! I believe he is finished just testing to make sure it works when you do get to flash your hitachi! For those wanting to know what he's up to you can always find out the status by visiting this site.
  4. IronMask

    Hacking LT+ 2.0 Is Out.

    Zaertix is right, you will most likely get banned with the truncate method. As for ABGx they are working on it very hard. I have been messing with these firmwares and modding Xboxes for awhile now and I can tell you that your best bet for burning these games (xgd3) is to get the iXtreme...
  5. IronMask

    Hacking Copying a whole WBFS drive.

    Yea.. the WBFS Manager works perfect.. I have done it several times with a clone option and has worked flawlessly... yes it's time consuming... go do something instead of hovering over the monitor expecting it to miraculously quadruple in read/write speeds... you can't rush that amount of data...
  6. IronMask

    Homebrew problem with wiisx

    Now that we are on WiiSX... I am having issues loading my isos from a usb fat32 partition... is there any support for fat32 partitions on a USB 2.0 mass storage drive??? I also get the same with Wii64.... Is there something I can do to make this happen? Thanks in advance Scratch that... i...
  7. IronMask

    Hacking My comeback to the scene

    Hey did they make a movie release of this GBAtemp banishing?! What's the youtube link?! It's good to have ya back and good to be back myself... Now if I could only find an infectus to play around with.... anyone know where I can purchase one?! I spent 20 min. on the official site and could...
  8. IronMask

    Hacking new wii/ xmas pressy!

    But other than that the Wii should work fine with most homebrew non-dvdx apps... actually the app may still work by using an sd or usb alternative.... I just did my parents new wii for xmas and it works like a charm.. I sistered a 500gb drive with about 200 gigs of backups and the rest was...
  9. IronMask

    Hacking My comeback to the scene

    Must be something in the air, huh?! I think I'm retired from doing Wii stunts unless it's something extremely beneficial to pwning Ninty even more into their greedy little wallets... naa.. just kidding... I think the developement and effort made by everyone in the Wii scene has been...
  10. IronMask

    Hacking Priiloader 0.6 final released

    Very good point indeed.
  11. IronMask

    Hacking Custom IOSX Rev21 Released!!

    Yea... well I've also had issues with Tantrics IOS58 installer..... it downloads it fine... but from there it's a fail on a 4.3uBlackWii although WiiMC does still load and play....periodical freeze though... So who knows... I am sure it can be smoothed out..
  12. IronMask

    Hacking Priiloader 0.6 final released

    Sweet... can't wait to try this... Jeez I remember when I posted preloader v2 back in the day when Crediar gave it to me first to try.... this has come a long way indeed... thanks for keeping it going guys!
  13. IronMask

    Hacking wii updating help Go there it will help you considerably.
  14. IronMask

    Hacking wiiflow wont detect fat32

    If it still doesnt work you may not want do to a fast format on that partition and let it format more proper... but really... fat32's main disadvantage is that you can't load unscrubbed iso's or large iso's over 3+ gigs...
  15. IronMask

    Hacking How to keep my Wii from updating when you put a disc in that wants to?

    You don't have to be so hard on the n00bs.... you once were one yourself.... it's good that people are helping...even though he could've used the search function and got what he needed....
  16. IronMask

    Hacking Custom IOSX Rev21 Released!! didn't tell there would be some issues with this new rev... All good though....seems like I am also having issues with WiiMC with this new rev or it's just a coincidence.... sometimes the app freezes when I am browsing a folder on the network drive....whic it never did on my...
  17. IronMask

    Hacking Configurable USB Loader

    Great job with this Oggzee! I stepped out this scene for awhile just after we started playing with CIOSCORP and I see that things have stepped into a extraordinary leap.... for the good. Anyways... I tried a few of these new usb loaders and and the ConfigUSBLoader is definately the best all...
  18. IronMask

    Hacking Call of Duty Black ops

    Thanks for the hint!
  19. IronMask

    Hacking Priiloader 0.6 beta 3

    Wow... Preloader... I mean Priiloader sure has come along way since we first started messing with it... still playing with the hacks.ini file I see as well... Maybe I will have to get back into the thick of things and play around again myself... although I did brick my Wii once messing with the...
  20. IronMask

    Hacking RiiskiMod 1.0

    Ok... so my "backup" wii has these hacks installed... I was too tired last night to go on reading my pm's to test it... kinda glad i did in a way since yesterday's big mishap with my official stuntwii.... Good work fellas.... I just reclassified about 15 dvds from the coaster pile... Too bad I...
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