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  1. Butterslime

    Eastward code help

    Hey peeps, I got this ammo code for eastward but the game crashes at random times. I need a bit of help writing this code in word so I can add it to the list and not have to keep redoing it every time it crashes. I have no idea why it crashes but atleast im lucky it autosaves. TIA
  2. Butterslime

    Hacking Question Help with NSPs

    Im trying to install some games and all of a sudden Lithium 7.01 is giving me an error saying im either missing sigpatches for my firmware or corrupted ticket database. Im on FW 9.1.0 and atmosphere 0.12, I downloaded the sigpatches I thought I needed but I still get this error. Anyone know how...
  3. Butterslime

    ROM Hack Question Help with edizon

    Im having a few issues with edizon and I was wondering if anyone else experienced and was able to find a fix for them. I also saw people using atmosphere cheats directly, how does one go about using them, maybe Im missing something on this. So edizon shows cheats whenever it feels like it, I...
  4. Butterslime

    Hacking Question Issues after updating

    So I was using my switch fine for a bit, then yesterday I went to use edizon and for some reason it wouldnt read the cheats even though I had them on the folder. So I updated kosmos thinking that would solve the issue but it just made it worse. Now the only thing the works when I go into the...
  5. Butterslime

    Hacking Issues running games

    Im having issues running some of my games for the past few days. Keep in mind they worked till I decided to update the HBG Shop and everything went downhill. I was playing links awakening just fine but now it keeps giving me and error. I uninstall and reinstall with the same issue. Im on the...
  6. Butterslime

    ROM Hack Question about cheats

    I'm having a bit of an issue that maybe someone can help me with. So I created my own Dragon quest builders 2 cheats and they worked flawlessly until I updated the game. Now I know that the build id changes and all that and I have that all set, but non of my codes work. Even when i refind the...
  7. Butterslime

    ROM Hack Dragon quest builder 2 save editor

    Hello all, quick question. Is there a dragon quest builder 2 save editor or edizon cheats available? I'm looking around and cant find anything, mainly looking for item 1 always being 99, similar to the 1st one. I tried doing it through atmosphere and edizon but that didnt go far. Any help is...
  8. Butterslime

    ROM Hack Title and build ids for games

    Hello folks, I have a bunch on cheats and some work, some dont work. I saw online that your build id had to match the cheat txt. How do I go about finding this id. I'm using atmosphere 8.6 right now. I tried edizon and I get the title id but that's it. Thanks :switch:
  9. Butterslime

    ROM Hack Monster boy and the cursed kingdom edizon cheat

    Hello, I am looking for an edizon cheat for the game but seem to only find some made for sxos. Can i use these sxos files even though I'm on atmosphere/hekate? Also is there a tutorial that I can use to make my own edizon editors? Thx
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