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  1. Daviex

    Hardware Reseller for R4i Gold revolution

    Hello. I want to buy a R4i Gold Revolution, I tried most of the reseller in list, but some doesn't have the card in stock. I found, but I can't trust it. Someone bought something from this site and can give me some feedbacks? If you know another site that is safe that ship in...
  2. Daviex

    Hacking EZ Flash IV 2 in 1 problem!

    Hey. I didn't received yet the miniSD, so for the time, i read i can use this. My card is NEW, without firmware. There's any possibility to use with DS? Can someone explain me how? I tried to start a game, it start and when appear the logo gameboy, it freeze like any cart is inserted in...
  3. Daviex

    ROM Hack I Find a Bug?

    Hi, today i go to open Mario & Luigi 3, on i Press Start (On One Screen) Press A And Load Press L-R START AND SELECT That Reset The Game. Is a Bug Of A Game or Is Normal? Thanks
  4. Daviex

    ROM Hack Player of VX File

    Hello to all, I played a Time Hollow, and wanted to extract the various video game, just as they are extensions. Vx, some of you know a program for them to become fathers or a player to make them leave? thanks Scuse me for english
  5. Daviex

    ROM Hack Naruto Path of Ninja Traduction to Italian

    Hello i'm an Italian who are planning to translate naruto path of ninja from English into Italian and would like assistance from an expert for tools to use and how to do ^ ^ Thank you scuse for english Daviex
  6. Daviex

    ROM Hack extract sprite animate off JUS

    Good Morning, is my first post and i'm have a problem. I'm search ALL Sprite animated by JUS. You know a method for extract this for game?? thank you
  7. Daviex

    ROM Hack extract sprite animate off JUS

    Sorry section error XD close or cancel topic thank you sorry for error XD
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