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  1. durpy

    Hacking need a little assistance with my acekard 2i and 3DS

    not sure if this is the proper forum for me to post in since i didn't see a general "help" forum so here it goes... i have a acekard 2i. i've had it for about 2 years now that i use daily with my ds lite. i bought a used 3ds (with firmware 3.00-4U if it matters) and tried to insert my acekard...
  2. durpy

    Gaming botched case replacement, need guidance

    so i bought a replacement case from ebay and got it 2 weeks later. i've already become familiar opening the bottom part of the ds but this was my first time opening the top. after several several attempts to slide the top shells together (the right side's tracks were bent in, that's why it...
  3. durpy

    Homebrew svsip question

    so now that theres google voice i was wondering if theres a way you can get free calling using sip instead of the current sip providers that only give you a few minutes or so then telling you to buy credits. i know you can add your google voice number in gizmo5 settings but honestly i have no...
  4. durpy

    Hacking is there any program that can detect if a SD card is fake?

    i remember browsing DE months ago when i was looking to buy a microSD card but all of the fake reports persuaded me to buy from newegg instead. i bought a card from meritline a few days ago which i found out is a like DE in the sense that they carry lots of chinese imports/bootlegs so i am...
  5. durpy

    Hacking freezes trying to load rom

    its been working fine for months but lately i've been only playing with homebrew and when i tried to play a game it freezes. one interesting thing i've noticed is that this only happens on games that already have a sav file created for them but what i don't understand is that even if i turn it...
  6. durpy

    Hacking oh damn, these things only take micro?

    i bought a regular SDHC card because i saw "SDHC" compatible on one of the ones i ordered from dealextreme but when i finally got the memory card (ordered from newegg) it dawned on me..."this is almost the same size as the regular ds games " god damnit, i had to get 4 gigs too D: i feel so...
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