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  1. Wekker

    Hacking Any updates on Gateway?

    Yes that is what i am talking about. The latest firmware blocks gateway i think.
  2. Wekker

    Hacking Any updates on Gateway?

    Wasn't gateway blocked by some latest firmware?
  3. Wekker

    Rest in Peace Densetsu

    Wasn't Densetsu the guy who worked on rom hacking for Jump Ultimate Stars? R.I.P.
  4. Wekker

    Hacking Why do people still insist on sticking with Gateway?

    Ease to use, I do not want to look into/study another 300 articles about how to use luma/ahl or whatever it is called.
  5. Wekker

    Hacking Easiest way to set up original Gateway on classic 3DS with 4.3.0-10E?

    My console is still on 4.5.0, so it doesn't need to be on 9.x.x. You need emuNAND to play any games that requires 4.5.0+ firmware. Basically you always use emuNAND. I disagree with some post here. emuNAND for gateway3ds is easy to setup without much research and is safe. (OP want plug and play...
  6. Wekker

    Hacking Does a wii u loadiine ready game have to match the region with an update ?

    I heard that brazilian exploit has chance of bricking
  7. Wekker

    Hacking Does a wii u loadiine ready game have to match the region with an update ?

    For example i use super smash bros for wii u (PAL version) with update from USA version, does it work? EDIT: will it brick wii u if i use the wrong region update?
  8. Wekker

    Hacking What is Haxchi or CBHC? FAQs and info

    Okay Thanks Cyan
  9. Wekker

    Hacking What is Haxchi or CBHC? FAQs and info

    Hi i amnew to wii u scene, just bought a wii u and is following the guide below.: Does anyyone know if haxchi is mandatory and necessary for playing games? My console firmware is 5.3.2 so getting the eshop game requires updating my console.
  10. Wekker

    Gaming Help with how to get wii u with firmware 5.5.1 or below.

    Is there a concrete list about which bundle wii u are on that firmware or below it? I am planning to buy it tomorrow, but need a reference like serialnumber so i can check before i buy it. thank you
  11. Wekker

    Comment by 'Wekker' in 'A word of WARNING for those who want to get their 3DS fixed.'

    He is not allowed to check your SD card? Privacy? No?
  12. Wekker

    Konami sends Cease and Desist to Castlevania fan project

    Or he just change name that game differently with different polygons.
  13. Wekker

    Tutorial [Tutorial] Pokemon Sun and Moon on Gateway.

    Why is it necessary to convert card1 to card2? I am using gateway3ds by the way.
  14. Wekker

    Super Mario Run Launches for iPhone & iPad on Dec. 15

    Just another runner with mario skin...
  15. Wekker

    Hacking Going to buy a wii u soon.

    Below which version should i buy? And how do i prevent it from connecting to internet?
  16. Wekker

    Hacking Wii u updated

    So if i never turn it on, or have it turned off. Wii u will never update automatically right? The reason i ask this is because i got some info somewhere on gbatemp about people has there wii auto updated
  17. Wekker

    Hacking Wii u updated

    but is still has autoupdate option, so when i go to friends place with it, it will udpate when it get turned on...
  18. Wekker

    Hacking Wii u updated

    I probalby will buy a wii u in the future, anyone know how to disable every possible way of internet? Kill the wifi chip?
  19. Wekker

    Gaming Inazuma Eleven: Ares game and anime announced

    inazuma eleven anime is garbage. Only the game is good.
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