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  1. 3DSPoet

    There are only two genres. Change my mind.

    Please keep this civil.
  2. 3DSPoet

    Android ZTE Zmax PRO MetroPCS is AMAZING! @ only USD$99!

    Hello, all! ^_^ I recently replaced my dying Galaxy S4 with the new ZTE Zmax Pro and I have to say, I'm rather impressed with it. 6 inch Full HD screen, Thumb Print reader, Octacore processor (though the specs read as if it has 2 quad-core processors), and get has a freaking...
  3. 3DSPoet

    Just noticed my like count is exactly 50% of my post count!

    3DSPoet Messages: 314 Likes: 157 I thought you'd all like to know. ^_^
  4. 3DSPoet

    Pokemon ORAS Frozen

    So, anybody else see this? Or is it just me? (No, this isn't a hack or a real thing, I'm just asking if anyone else sees the resemblance. I blatantly pasted the word Elsa over the character's name, which is Glacia.)
  5. 3DSPoet

    ROM Hack [Request] Using NTR CFW for cheat codes!

    So after Gateway bricked my 2DS for using a DSTwo+ card, I'm really trying to NOT buy a Gateway card! :P The real-time cheat function, though, is something I'd really like to work with (or, at least, be able to inject cheats into my games). My research brought me to the NTR CFW plugin system...
  6. 3DSPoet

    Hacking Juggling EmuNand & SysNand N3DS & 2DS questions! ^_^

    Hello, all! Long time skulker, 1st time poster! ^_^ So here's what I've got, here's my theory, and I couldn't find anything that really covered what I'm thinking, so here it goes!!!! My devices: NEW Nintendo 3DS XL, currently on SysNand 10.2 The N3DS has all my old data from my previous 3DS...
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