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  1. Gelyr3397

    Edizon cheats help

    Can some one help me solve this issue? I tried everything, I even changed the build ID on my SD card and tried, once I change the BID on my SD card the cheats show up but still wont work. This pretty much happenes with most of the games. I attached a photo to show what I mean. I really hope...
  2. Gelyr3397

    Edizon SE sysmodule manager settings not being saved

    When I enter into sysmodule manager after launching edizon SE and a game, I was trying to turn off NOexes or turn on the numbered optio, after turning on, it says to restart teh console to fully work, so when I turn on and restart the consol, the changes did not save. For example, I turn of...
  3. Gelyr3397

    ROM Hack Maintanence mode through CFW

    Hey Guys, is there a way to enter maintence/recovery mode through a cfw like hekate or something like that? if its possible, can some one please direct me through it.
  4. Gelyr3397

    ROM Hack Switch stuck at nintendoswitch logo

    So, I was experimenting with my switch so I used ChoiDjour to downgrade my switch from 7.0.1 to 3.0 but something happenend and every time I turn it on using tegrarcm or rcm jig, it turns on, the nintendo logo shows up, then the nintendoswitch logo shows up and gets stuck on it. SO, I wasnt...
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