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    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    I have a NTSC WAD of Super Metroid VC I'm trying to run on my freshly hacked PAL Wii. But when I try to run it I just get a black screen and frozen Wii. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have made the Wii region free with Priiloader. EDIT: I've gotten Yoshi's Story N64 VC NTSC to work, though...
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    Tutorial Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below

    I just performed the hack with what seems to be a success, except I have two issues that are of concern. 1: My Homebrew Channel is upside down! - Fixed by installing HBC again with bannerbomb 2: When I turn the Wii on with the Wii-Mote, the Wii-mote does not stay active and requires me to turn...
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    Tutorial Modify ANY Wii 4.3 & below

    Can I do this hack with just a 256mb SD card, and a 4gb SDHC card? The Wii is currently on version 3.1E, therefore it cannot read SDHC cards yet. Cheers.
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    DS #4492: Might & Magic - Clash of Heroes (USA)

    I can't with a cracked ROM and a Clean ROM using Akio's latest loader file. The Client DS gets to a white Nintendo screen and hangs, with the Host DS reporting a wi-fi error. Be nice to get this going so I can play a little MP with my GF and get her interested in the game to buy it
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    Hacking might and magic clash...

    DS Download Play doesn't work with the crack, or the newest loader on a clean ROM. I'm not exactly sure if it's possible for this to be fixed, if it could be though, that would be nice.
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    DS #4492: Might & Magic - Clash of Heroes (USA)

    I certainly hope they don't give up on cracking this game. I don't give a damn about Zelda since I haven't even played the first one on DS yet. Give me Might. Give me Magic!
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    ROM Hack Possible to hack Galactrix?

    The PC version has been modded to remove the gate hacking. I'm wondering if this is possible to do on the DS version?
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    Hacking GTA Performance Issues

    What software/hardware are you using? I just did another mission after loading the 20/04 loader file on. For the most part it was smooth, but I'm pretty sure it's quite random in how smooth the game runs. Sometimes I'll fire it up fresh, get in my car from the safehouse (the first one), and as...
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    Hacking GTA Performance Issues

    I've been getting choppiness when just driving around the city doing nothing with no cops on me. Old DMA mode seems to fix this (that is I didn't see it happen while testing). The popping noises happen before I boot CW up so it's not really related, just thought I'd mention it, since I do hear...
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    Hacking GTA Performance Issues

    Firstly, I'm using: DSi, AKAIO 1.4.1 with 17/4 dated loader. Transcend C6 4Gb, formatted with Panasonic Formatter. I've found that a clean (U) dump of this game runs rather choppy with DMA - Quicksave (default). I tested with default (green), blue and red modes. I found that red (old DMA)...
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    Hacking Custom Icons for AKAIO

    I think most people don't like the icons that look shit when viewed from the AK2i menu. GTA:CW was a prime offender, another is Enchanted Folk, anyone got a new icon for that one?
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    Hacking Which 8GB memory cards do you guys use?

    I just ran cf_bench on my 4Gb Transcend Class 6, compared the 16k Windows format vs Panasonic program. Fairly close results. 16k Windows Format: 512B - max: 0.609ms, average: 0.573ms 4KB - max: 2.533ms, average: 2.470ms 16KB - max: 10.055ms, average: 9.858ms Panasonic App: 512B - max: 0.593ms...
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    DS #3652: The Dark Spire (USA)

    Does anyone else encounter some slowdown whenever you turn around a corner that has a long hall or something. It didn't take me long to get deeper into F1 before this problem started appearing, only when I was turning on corners though. Maybe it's just how they animated though.
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    Hacking Slowdown with Acekard 2i (even with a Class 6 card)

    I've discovered GTA:CW runs a bit sluggish when I have a 3-4 star rating. I originally had the card formatted with panasonic formatter, now I've got it formatted with 16k cluster size using windows. Still runs about the same. I have a legit version of the game to compare it to, and sometimes...
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    DS #DSiWare 0013: Art Style: CODE (Europe)

    Wait, does this mean DSiWare has been "hacked"? Edit: NM, read the NFO.
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    Hacking Notice: Using NDS Backup Tool Wifi On DSi Doesn't Work

    If you were hoping to get some save games from your legit game carts using this app with the DSi think again. It refuses to read any of the cards you try to insert. Thankfully I have access to a lite to use, but not everyone will. I thought it be good to let everyone know, since I'm sure I'm...
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    Hacking AKAIO 1.4.1 PROPER Released

    Cool work, I guess it's no biggy about the brightness thing. If you can't go from 1-5 maybe it's best to remove it all together for DSi users? Considering we have the always available button combination now A discovery I just made, the NDS Wifi Backup tool doesn't work on the DSi, it wont...
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    NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f

    I got this working fine, but it won't read any of the cards I put in, it say's to take it out and put it in again, but it won't read them. Using a DSi btw. Guess it doesn't work on the DSi? I'll have to use my GF's lite later today!
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    Hacking AKAIO 1.4.1 PROPER Released

    My AK2i arrived from DX today, I'm in Australia. 1.4.1 Proper doesn't work "out of the box." DX have the new hardware revision (my AK2i comes in a box, has the orange DSi compatible sticker.) The above post about changing the loader file works perfectly! Fucking awesome work guys, but I have...
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    Hacking Acekard 21 in Melbourne?

    Bullshit! $70 bucks for something I just paid $28.05 for from Deal Extreme. That includes shipping. Sure it takes longer to get here (2 weeks on aveage,) I'd much rather wait and pay less than 1/3 the price OMC want. He's a total rip off. Any bum off the street can bulk order these things from...
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