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    ROM Hack Discussion Fire Emblem: Three Houses General Hacking

    all of this mods only work for the digital version right?

    ROM Hack RELEASE Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Outline Removal mod

    How do I apply this? I'm really new to the switch scene and my game's in cartridge and can't find anything cartridge specific here. Thanks in advance. EDIT: So basically I just copy these to the root of the sd card (merging the folders obviously)? this does work with cartridge right? Sorry I'm...

    Homebrew How to hack Fire emblem three houses so I can Play as Rhea

    I've seen a Reddit post about Three Houses hacking state: And this video with some modded playable characters: As for how to actually get these mods (which I think they're using yusu) I don't...

    Homebrew My switch freezed I restarted, and my a cartridge game doesn't start now, Is the cartridge dead?

    I tried to play three houses and then the switch didn't respond to anything half my games are corrupted and when I try to launch three houses it says there was an error (and it doesn't find corrupted data, but with my digital games it does) should I reinstall all of my games? If three houses is...

    Homebrew How can I stream video from Linux PC to my switch with homebrew?

    I was searching homebrew apps to stream video from my pc but all the applications I found (found 2) where only for windows so before further investigating I figured it would be a bit faster to ask here.

    Homebrew Checkpoint crashing upon loading???

    I wanted to add mods and custom maps to Minecraft with Checkpoint but it crashes upon loading... I am not using exFat.Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance!

    Hardware Fake Pro controller

    Gives me an error when opening... sorry
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