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  1. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    UABEA not importing dumps

    I am trying to import a modified dump file, but after I import it and save, when I open the file again, the file has just disappeared. It worked for me before, but now it's not working anymore. I'm not even sure where to ask about this as I can't find the BDSP modding discord.
  2. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    Misc So I just had a brick scare. Need advice.

    First off, I need to say I'm stupid. I do have a backup, but it's from back in 2018, so while it would have fixed my switch were it actually 'soft' bricked, it would have been a hell of a pain. Secondly, I was running on SysMMC because, like I said, I'm stupid. My Switch randomly froze up while...
  3. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    ROM Hack Luminescent Diamond - A ROM Hack Inspired by Renegade Platinum

    (COME HANG OUT ON DISCORD, SERVER IS NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC) Pokemon Luminescent Version is a difficulty mod for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl based heavily on Renegade Platinum by Drayano. This is currently a work in progress, but we do have a lot done already! Right now, we...
  4. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    ROM Hack Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Zone Finder Tool

    Hey guys, as you well know if you have seen the datamines, we have the entire encounter table at our disposal. The only problem is that instead of route numbers and the like, they are grouped by "Zone"s, while it's not that difficult to extrapolate what each zone is by the encounters and cross...
  5. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    UABE is outputting files of the wrong size

    I'm trying to edit some files in BD, but when I export from UABE, it's outputting a file several thousand KB too small. Roadmap: Open file in UABE, decompress to memory (I have tried to file, too.) Export the file I am trying to edit as a dump Edit it (changing only a couple characters)...
  6. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    Brilliant Diamond No Intro Mod

    Wanted to shiny hunt, there's no soft reset, so you have to close out of the game and go back in every time. The intro is obnoxious, even if I do just have to press A to get it to the skip. This will make it jump right to the Dialga with "Press A to start." after a 1 second black video. I tried...
  7. The_Time_Is_Nigh

    How to access Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl's Internal Code

    Whether you’re interested in how the dataminers get their information, or you’re one of the people trying to rebuild the game in Unity, I think this information will be useful to you. I spent a lot of time figuring this out and researching the internal structure for myself over the last couple...
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