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  1. hartleyshc

    Clear non-primary status from Switch

    Here's the set up. 2 hacked Switch's. Sysnand + emummc set up on both. Switch 1 and 2 sysnand is linked to real nnid. Switch 1 sysnand is registered as primary handheld and Switch 2 is registered as non-primary. When creating emummc from the sysnand of Switch 2, the linked accounts get...
  2. hartleyshc

    Hacking File/Folder limit Ez-Flash Omega DE.

    Just got my DE. Looking at folder/file limits. I have broken up my games by letters. But I've noticed that the saves are all stored in the same SAVER folder. While there is a limitation of the card to display after a certain file count size, is there such a limitation for the card to read from...
  3. hartleyshc

    Hacking EZ-Flash IV (phat) and GBA loading

    Im getting the same results with the built in gba loader and with rudolfs (.58b). I can load gba games into NOR no problem, but if I try to load them into PSRAM they never load correctly. Do these need to be patch roms? Do I need to do anything special? Do I need a memory card in the EZIV? Or is...
  4. hartleyshc

    Homebrew Temperature reading

    Is there any software that can give me a temperature reading of the wii? Either a general temp reading would be good, or a per component reading would be great.
  5. hartleyshc

    Hardware Fan always on mod, or external fan?

    So I think my wii is getting too hot. Started seeing some artifacting while playing Ghostbusters last night. Its gone today, but I don't want it coming back. Whats the best to keep my wii cool? The mod listed here: (does the wii fan...
  6. hartleyshc

    Homebrew Emus/Apps with SDHC support.

    ****OFFICIAL EMUS NOW SUPPORT SDHC**** Snes, nes, and gba have all been updated to support sdhc. The only future updates I will do is the normal menu changes for wad users. see full information on the changes: future updates can be found...
  7. hartleyshc

    Homebrew Compiling question

    Ok first of all Im on a windows box and not running *nix. Using devkitpro, trying to compile snes 006. getting libpng errors, i thought i had installed pngu correctly, but while making, this is the error I get: linking ... snes9xgx-006-wii.elf...
  8. hartleyshc

    Homebrew Replacing dols in wads.

    so new versions of snes9xgx and fcegx came out today. I already have 2 channels that I would simply like to update the dols in them, no other changes are wanted. ive unpacked the wads, do i need to do anything else besides replacing the dol? ( I assume wadpacker does everything...
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