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  1. Svaethier

    Gaming SMM discussion

    So how far has everyone got to yet? I'm at world 8-2. I can upload my save if anyone would that so they don't have to go through the trouble of getting through world 1-7.
  2. Svaethier

    ROM Hack Dragonball fusions JPN save to USA version

    Has anyone figured out how to transfer the jpn version savedata to the usa version yet?
  3. Svaethier

    Gaming Super Mario maker for 3DS

    Who was excited when they announced this game finally coming on the 3DS Dec 2nd? I definitely plan on getting this game.
  4. Svaethier

    Gaming Dragon Ball Fusions questios

    Anyone that is at post game and recruited cooler tell me what side quest from near kami house you got him from? This is what I'm referring to: Also if anyone else has any...
  5. Svaethier

    Gaming Monster hunter generations demo

    So who's going to get the MH Generations Demo on the 30th? You can also get it via email today as a pre-release but only if you are one of the selected few to receive an email with two download codes for you and a friend. You can also get it from the e3 digital ticket humble bundle for 4.00 or more.
  6. Svaethier

    Hacking Accidentally edited ropbin payload. Bin

    So I was trying to get homebrew channel to work through emuNAND and accidentally edited the ropbin payload.bin. When I launch home menuhax I get stuck at the yellow screen constantly. I've tried everything, got a new ropbin file from smealums site but when using that I end up with the error...
  7. Svaethier

    Gaming how far have you gotten in hyrule warrior legends?

    so have far have you people who've Been playing this game gotten so far? I just beat the main quest line,leveled up some of the characters a tad bit,unlocked toon link from the adventure mode so far.
  8. Svaethier

    Gaming keep getting error code 005-8034

    so I downloaded a mgs snake eater 3D cia file,tried to install it but got the 'invalid signature' error so I went to the Eshop to see how much the game is and I see the 'redownload game' button. I press it and wait for the game to install but every time it reaches 99% it pop up that code :/ can...
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