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  1. kumpandjill

    Hacking Initial Sky3DS setup with New 3DS?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get my new Sky3DS (blue button) running on my New 3DS. I've followed the Sky3DS tutorial, the instructions from the vendor, and various YouTube videos, but I can't seem to get any games to play. Nothing ever shows up on the home menu. Is it possible that I have a broken...
  2. kumpandjill

    Hacking Has anyone used

    I'm looking to order 10+ flashcarts so I want to make sure someone's used them successfully before ordering. Thanks!
  3. kumpandjill

    Hacking R4i-SDHC 3DS working for all DS versions?

    I'm getting ready to order a bunch of these from Here's the link to the card: I just wanted to be 100% sure that these cards will work with every version of the DS that's currently out.. so all firmware versions of the 3DS, DSi, etc...
  4. kumpandjill

    Hacking Setting up a new R4i3D "2012"

    Alright, so I just got a couple new R4i3D cards in the mail that I plan on giving out as gifts to family members. They're this kind: So how exactly should it be set up? Do I just simply download the woodr4 v1.42 firmware from ? Or do I need to run...
  5. kumpandjill

    Hacking R4i3D firmware? How do I get this thing to work...?

    Alright, so I gave a couple R4i3Ds as gifts a couple months ago... tested them out on my DSi and everything. Everything worked perfectly. However, when I try to get it to work now... nothing. They're the same cartridges (the new ones, labeled "new"). I just can't get it to work at all and I...
  6. kumpandjill

    Hacking Looking to buy about 10 flash cards for Lite, DSi and 3DS.

    Alright guys, so I know I won't get these in time for Christmas, but I want to get a bunch of flash cards to give out to children of family friends. Some of the kids have the DS Lite, some have the DSi and a couple have the 3DS. So anyway, I'm looking to get something like 10 of each. That...
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