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  1. MolhodeSoja

    ROM Hack Discussion Is there a way to unlock Assassin's Creed contents on switch without Ubisoft Club?

    Well, the best option would be logically a save file with them, but I can't find it and I don't know if this will work. As to connect to Ubisoft you need to bypass Nintendo servers, it would of course get me a wonderful ban, so I would like to know some way to get those outfits.
  2. MolhodeSoja

    Hacking Question Why isn't Lineage OS ported to Mariko devices?

    I know, it will come someday but listen. As I know Hekate is actually working on Mariko but I found that the last problem is something with the core boot. Can anyone explain what is this problem and if it is a hard thing to solve?
  3. MolhodeSoja

    Homebrew Discussion Lockpick gives me "Get Tegra keys... Failed" on v2 Switch.

    In order to convert nsp games to xci I need the prod.keys generated by Lockpick. But for some reason, it gives me this error (Get Tegra keys... Failed) and an incomplete prod.keys file.
  4. MolhodeSoja

    Hacking Discussion Sx core (Mariko) bootloader Issues

    Some days ago I got a 512 GB Samsung sd card to install my nsp games and tested it on my phone, working as it should. I formated it to FAT32 in order to be compatible with sx bootloader, put the boot.dat on root along with the previous NAND backup, and here it starts. When booting into sx menu...
  5. MolhodeSoja

    Hacking Question Playing online with Modchip using sysnand

    Hi, I'm new here and totally new to switch homebrewing. First of all, I bought a Mariko Switch (patched), and for fear of f*cking my switch with a bad weld, I sent it to a modchip store so they install it for me. But... I have a lot of friends playing Fortnite and my pc sucks (I don't like the...
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