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    Hey All!

    OMG U FEMALE ???!? A/S?L ????
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    Hacking i think nobody can hack WII

    I hacked my cat he is eating dry food now wai cheaper
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    Gaming Playing the WII nearly 7 days straight live!

    LOl how do you chat on the site OMGAWD the other guy is playing ff3 on ds
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    Hacking cant load FF III

    I think you are not worthy enough for the ff gods sorry man
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    Gaming What Jobs did you guys start as in FFIII?

    My monk pwns like everything POW BANG WOOOSH 390 DMG BANG!!! BANG MONKPUNCH !! BANG MONKPUNCH !!
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    they earn alot of money makeing these vids
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    PS1/2 Grill some meat!! With a PS3 of course!

    trolls damn now i wont pick up my wii and instead i want the ps3 and it's your fault ] stupid fanboy
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    Gaming Someone make an FF3 Trainer!!

    don't play games commit suicide no i have no trainer for you to help you commiting suicide
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    New AceKard Photos

    Nice so what's new with this card ?
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    Gaming You thought the Zelda 8.8 review was bad?

    Hey bunch of stupid fanboys ?? Maby red steel does indeed SUCK HARD. I'm still waiting for my wii. The netherlands =( . But no chance in hell that i'm getting another launch game than zelda. Because i'm sure the rest are just lame cashins Just like everyother game console. If you look at...
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    Gaming My DS Hopes For 2007

    lol with wifi lol not going to happen lol i also heard that SMBds is not comming fur liek efvar xDD
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    Gaming My DS Hopes For 2007

    screw that i want an decent fighting game on my ds
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    GBA Trainer - Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (U) (+6)

    Wow somebody put effort in releasing cheats for a crappy port well done SHERLOCK!!
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    Hardware wii and haters and graphics

    omg your grammar sucks LALALALALLA gamefaqs style stab :ouch: give the guy a break it isn't even his native speak w00t
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    Gaming Wii bundle in stock at walmart

    doesn't that make you cry a little bit ?
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    KANKER KANKER KANKER heb je lieeeeeef heb je lieeeeeef waaaaaaaat moet ik zonder jouhouuuwww zijn 3 hele kleine woordjes en ook al doet het een beetje pijn heb je lief ja tien jaargetijden laaaang KANKER KANKER KANKER !! KANKER KANNKERRRRRRRRRRRR zooi THDHS does not work
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    just change your mediaplayer extendend ???
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    Gaming Wii are let down by no online play

    I never get the it online gaming. i rather play against me friend instead of some 12 year old calling me names when i KICK HIS ASS IN FIGHTING GAMES wooohooo no seriously is SUCK but i do not get it i rather play tekken with some friends and a nice joint /pot we do live in holland online...
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    Gaming Wii bundle in stock at walmart

    ANYONE WANNA PS3 ONLY 2600 DOLLARS omg i'm beginning to undcerstand why ebay banned all those offers. If i knew only one of my friend who actually do that to someone. I would castrate him on the spot. Lol gamers screwing other gamers Nice world we live in .
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    Very good ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPG with some pretty nice 3D environments to explore dude are u a PIRATE ?? RRRRRRRR anyway guys!! this game is nice !! I did not bore me woopee
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