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    Problem: Unable to connect Chiaki

    Hi. I am trying to connect the PS4 (JB FW 9.0) to the computer by Chiaki to be able to play remotely, and it is being impossible. I have already obtained the Account ID, and I have the PS4 connected to the LAN network only with IP and mask (so that it does not connect to the Internet). On the...
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    Use PS3 Teensy as PS4 USB Hack

    Hello. I found my old Teensy 2.0 that I used to jailbreak the PS3 years ago. Could I give it a new life and use it as exfat USB to jailbreak PS4? Thxx
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    Hacking Question Create Emunand and clean sysnand

    Hello. I am thinking of creating an emunand with SX OS. I currently use 9.0.1 in SYSNAND, very dirty but without connecting to the Internet (no ban, I guess). I have some NSP installed, I usually use XCI (plus its updates on NSP installed) and all savegames. I have burned effuses. If I use the...
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