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  1. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Cheat Codes AMS and Sx Os, Add and Request

    Are the cheats for No More Heroes updated for the current version (1.01)? Used the cheat updater homebrew and then downloaded Edizon SE and getting the "Cheats for this game present but title version or region doesn't match".
  2. RedShadoww

    Homebrew RELEASE AIO Switch Updater - Update CFW, Sigpatches, FW and cheats directly from the Switch

    Does this update bootloaders like hekate as well? If not, do you plan to add that in?
  3. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons Item Spawning Tool

    You're incredible! Thank you so much!!
  4. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons Item Spawning Tool

    Not sure if you're taking suggestions but a fill button would be great. Basically like spawn all but just spawns in the remaining space. Thank you for all your hard work!
  5. RedShadoww

    Tutorial Edit OFW clean Switch save data from NAND backup/restoring via Fusee Gelee payloads

    Is this method less risky than using JKSV in CFW sysnand? Edit: Never mind that was a dumb question. The entire point of the guide is to avoid going into CFW to edit your save file all together. Not sure how to delete my post.
  6. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons Item Spawning Tool

    Not sure if this has already been suggested but wouldn't it help to have some kind of indication of what variation of an item will spawn? Like just having the variation name on it the same way NHSE does it.
  7. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Discussion Animal Crossing: New Horizons -- Reverse Engineering, Glitches, Bugs, etc. thread!

    So is it possible to do any kind of offline save editing and then go online after without risking a ban? Edit: Looking through the thread, seems like no one has been banned yet at all? Like despite obvious flags, Nintendo still hasn't decided to pull the trigger yet. I wonder why.
  8. RedShadoww

    Homebrew Question TINFOIL 8.0 /8.0.1 help

    The new tinfoil corrupted my microsd as well. While I was on exFAT (and have been since august 2018 with no issues), whatever it attempted to do corrupted my shit. Gave me a reason to do a clean wipe and move to emummc but even after that I was still having trouble with it. Honestly i'd advise...
  9. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Discussion Octopath Traveler Save Editing

    I want to add Spurning Ribbon (Item ID 1901) to my save, how do I go about this? I've followed all the steps for 010 and I've opened up the template table but I have no idea where & what to edit. Edit: okay so I'm using the save editor from but I can't seem to find spurning ribbon, is it...
  10. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Question Super Mario Party Edit?

    Is it possible to edit small things in Super Mario Party like the cost of stars, gates, lakitus, etc?
  11. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Question Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Possible to edit subtitles and game text?

    Is it currently possible to edit game text and subtitles? I think it'd be particularly useful to change some of the liberties taken with the localization if using japanese voices (ex: changing localized names).
  12. RedShadoww

    Hacking PS3 OFW backup loading on 4.7X! No ODE/IDPS

    Anyone try Tales of Vesperia with the english patch?
  13. RedShadoww

    Gaming Has anyone gotten banned from playing Pokemon Moon online?

    So any mention of anyone working on a fix? Other than the twitter guy.
  14. RedShadoww

    Homebrew [WIP]PCHex++ - PCHex with its own gui

    Just a suggestion, but have you thought of adding the ability to generate pokemon using QR codes from PKHeX?
  15. RedShadoww

    Hacking Updated Luma, 3ds won't boot

    Yeah, I panicked too early. If there's anyone as dumb as me, here are the configuration settings that should be on for the latest Luma: Autoboot SysNAND" "Use SysNAND FIRM if booting with R (A9LH)" "Show NAND or user string in System Settings" "Show GBA boot screen in patched AGB_FIRM"
  16. RedShadoww

    Hacking Updated Luma, 3ds won't boot

    I updated my Luma3ds by replacing the armhaxloader.bin, then the configuration menu showed up and I just hit start without touching anything. Then it wouldn't boot. So I replaced the armhaxloader.bin again with my old one and it still won't boot. Please help!
  17. RedShadoww

    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    It's on 10.7. I only recently hacked my 3ds using the a9lh github guide: My guess is it has something to do with the TWL firmware thing near the end of the guide. Other than that, I'm clueless. Sorry.
  18. RedShadoww

    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    I feel so dumb for not trying this first. It worked. Thanks.
  19. RedShadoww

    Homebrew R4 Stage2 TWL Flashcart Launcher(and perhaps other cards soon™)....

    So I have the R4i Gold 3DS, specifically this version: I tried using the R4i Gold launcher and get double white screens. Tried formatting to the microsd to FAT (using windows and not a program) and still get the same result. To be more specific, both screens go white, there's a thin black...
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