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  1. TheBeverage

    Hacking PS3 Save to RPCS3

    Hi, I've been trying for some time to transfer this Persona 5 save to RPCS3 format. I've repeatedly gotten to the point where it can load on the menu, but choosing my file freezes it. I'd rather not replay the first dungeon to continue this game, so if anyone knows how to transfer the save, I...
  2. TheBeverage

    Hacking Transferring PS2 saves to PS3

    Hey folks, I'm having an immense amount of trouble figuring out how to transfer PS2 saves created via uLaunchELF to my unhacked PS3. I have looked far and wide and can see no way to do this other than purchasing an adapter which goes for silly prices on Amazon. Does any kind soul happen to...
  3. TheBeverage

    Homebrew WiiMednafen Scaling

    Hey folks. Is there any way to change the scaling in WiiMednafen? Currently the options are a bit limited. "Fullscreen" mode gives you either awfully blurry pure bilinear filtering or pixel rows of differing sizes. Would it be possible to incorporate the "pixelated bilinear" used in stuff like...
  4. TheBeverage

    Homebrew SNES9x GX "Turbo Mode"?

    In SNES9x GX, is there any way to disable the fast forward/turbo mode that is activated by hitting the right analog stick to the right on the classic controller? I find myself hitting it accidentally and would like to know if there's a file I can edit (in the settings or in the source) to just...
  5. TheBeverage

    Hacking USB Loader GX Randomly Stopped Working

    Hi all, I've been using USB Loader GX for a while to load Wii backups off a USB flash drive without issue, except one day it simply stopped loading games. Especially odd as it had been working earlier the day it started having this issue. As shown in the video I'll link, the Wii just goes to a...
  6. TheBeverage

    GBA Save Issue

    Hi, I was using a flash cart to play GBA games but am now starting to use an emulator on my PC hooked up to my TV instead. Unfortunately, the save formats didn't line up, with the flash cart using .sav and the emulators in Retroarch using .srm. For converting saves, every other game either...
  7. TheBeverage

    Hacking Fire Emblem 7 Save on EZ Flash

    Hi, I've been playing Fire Emblem 7 on my EZ Flash IV, and it was saving/loading without issue, until today when I loaded it up my save randomly disappeared. There was no issue with the saving or loading process leading up to this, and all my other games still save and load without issue. Is...
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