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    Humble Bundle 3 adds MOAR GAMEZ! Atom Zombie Smasher included

    Wow they're practically giving away the kitchen sink! I was a 'tad' miffed when Bundle 2 got added to Bundle 3 since I bought 1,2,Frostbyte,3 already. But considering how much content they keep adding it's actually shocking. By the end of next week they'll probably throw in an Xbox360 or PS3...
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    So Spotify is in the USA now I guess? Seems to have been a Euro only thing for awhile but now us Yanks can apparently get in on the action. So how is this different than Pandora?
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    Hacking AKAIO 1.8.7 Released

    I'm sure everyone here knows that 1.8.7 has been released with the new WiFi cloud feature and other language additions. I suppose the only thing to note is that the sticky above claims that 1.8.7 is not a legitimate release, which was true at the time. I'm sort of surprised they didn't just...
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    Kind of a silly question

    Wasn't sure where to post this but how do you change your member name? I've searched around the options in My Controls and such but I can't seem to find it. It's late so I'm probably just being stupid but some guidance would be appreciated.
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    Advanscene Suspended?

    Hope they come back soon?
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    Gaming Garry's Mod Traps Pirates So the dev to Garry's Mod made an update that did a basic DRM check. Check the steamID with all known people who have purchased the product. If the check fails pop up an 'error message'. As shown its not rocket science, and easily circumventable. The net was that...
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    Hacking Gyakuten Kenji2 Error

    I can't seem to get the new Gyakuten Kenji2 working on 1.8.5. I've tried disabling AAP and various other options. It loads but errors out saying it cannot read the data on the cartridge. Anyone else try this yet?
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    Hacking PSGroove Modified to no longer require disc Note that the current code is a proof of concept. It doesn't work with the current version of the backup manager but does allow you to launch games directly from the /app_home/PS3_Game utility. It's somewhat unfortunate we're not...
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    Hacking SNES9x on PS3

    A preliminary build of SNES9x has been released for the PS3 Currently seems to be in a pre-alpha stage but it 'sorta' works according to the dev. Try it out and let us know!
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    Hacking PS3 Custom Firmware Loader from USB You can now load into a custom firmware on a USB stick, and then reboot into this new firmware. We're getting closer to loading custom firmware! Whether it's possible to dump 3.42 to emulate this is unknown at this point. Bit of a catch-22...
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    Hacking PSGroove coming to pre-3.4.1 firmware

    If this news becomes reality, those of you who don't want to update because of the OtherOS option, might have a way to run the PSGroove. RichXDev has indicated that he's been able to get lvl2 code running. Thus its possible to get the PSGroove to work on pre-3.4.1 firmware...
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    Hacking Guess which icon will repalce Danny Phantom

    Let's just assume they just need to change the icon/game they emulate in order to get the Acekard working. I realize this might not be possible but just assume this for now. Going by that assumption, what humiliating game/icon could they replace it with that would make you not want to even turn...
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    Hacking PSGroove on Dingoo

    Apparently Wakinono is bored with Wii hacking so he's been busy creating a Dingoo version of the PSGroove Those of you with Dingoos can try out this latest iteration of the PSGroove
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    Atlus Studios no more

    Atlus as an independent studio is no more. They've been merged into their parent company. They will retain the name on some properties, but since the move was to increase profitability, I doubt we will see any of the innovative and whacky titles out of Atlus as before. Ironically, Atlus might...
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    Hacking 4076 - Blood of BAHAMUT save issue notes

    For any Acekard people wanting to play Blood of BAHAMUT you need to do the following 1) Get the patch.exe from here 2) Run the patch on your ROM 3) When loading the ROM press and hold X every time you play If you do not do step 3 every time, when you load...
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    Hacking What type is the M3i Zero's firmware update connector?

    I'm curious what connector the M3i Zero uses to update its firmware. The cable shown doesn't appear to be any standard USB (mini or micro) which seems an odd choice. From a manufacturing perspective, it wouldn't make sense for the M3 team to make up their own connector and cable. It's simply too...
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    Hacking EA Active NTSC graphical corruption

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone is having some graphical glitches in EA Active. It's good most of the time. when you do normal exercises and at the track. However I get graphical corruption with whacked out polygons everywhere when I do boxing/volleyball/punching exercises. I'm running USB Loader...
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    Hacking Change directory listing to descending?

    A bit of an odd question but I was wondering if it was possible to change the directory listing on the Acekard to descending rather than ascending? Mostly a personal preference, in that I prefix the roms with their release number. In general I am playing whatever is 'newest' so to speak, so with...
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    Wiki is down?

    I wasn't sure where to post this but the wiki pages seem to have gone by the way of the dodo. Just an FYI for the admins MediaWiki internal error. Original exception: exception 'DBQueryError' with message 'A database error has occurred Query: SELECT value,exptime FROM `mw_objectcache` WHERE...
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    Hacking USB portable battery

    Hello All I have a trip coming up and I'll be hopping airports and on 12 hour plane rides. So I was thinking of getting some kind of battery pack so I could charge my iPod and NDS during those long flights and stop overs. My preference would be to use the USB connector, so I could charge both...
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