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    Hacking Lttp - Remote play?

    Very new in the game and wanna know if remote play with PS4 still working with Enso 3.60? How to do and are there any risk of getting banned etc?
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    Hacking Any chance of major emulator progress on the Vita?

    Lets be honest, emulators like SNES, GBA etc on the vita sux. They are only a tad better than it was on the PSP. Is there any chance of major progress for emulators on the vita or is no one working on that? Why isn't there for example a good snes9x port for the vita? I know retroach, but what...
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    Hacking new sd2vita - already installed stuff on the internal memory

    total noob here. what steps do I need to take. I have vita 3.60 with all stuff already installed on the internal memory ux:0. Now I have a sd2vita. What do I need to do, reinstall everything to the memory card for the begining? how do I do, where to start so I don't mess anything up? :wink:
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