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    Hacking Converting Saves - M3 Real to AK2i

    Ok, I'm having an issue with converting saves from my M3 Real to my new AK2i Well, really I'm having an issue with my Zelda Spirit Tracks save. I have the patched SAV file that you have to use or your saves all get deleted, and when I try to convert it, it just doesn't work. ShunyWeb is...
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    Hacking FlashMe Select Function Reversed

    So as everyone knows, holding Select when booting a Flashme'd DS will boot normally. What I would like is a version of flashme that does the opposite. Since the M3/R4's passme function isn't nearly as good as the PassCard3, I would like to flash my DS and have it boot straight to Slot-2 only...
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    Hacking Passcard3 + Pink USA Lite

    I just got my fiance a pink DS Lite for her birthday and I was about to go do the FlashMe thing when I discovered that for some reason the PassCard3 that worked so well in my white DS Lite doesn't work at all in the pink one. I'm worried that the USA Pink has some sort of new anti-Passcard...
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