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  1. SViper

    ROM Hack Dinosaur King DS Enchantments Request

    Hello, I'm Pokémon and Digimon fanatic, but there is one game that I love as much as Pokémon and Digimon games and that is Dinosaur King DS. But compared to first Pokémon and Digimon games this game is lacking a bit. So I want ask that someone enchant games like we see with Rom Hacks. I noticed...
  2. SViper

    Gaming How to stream with New Nintendo 3DS XL?

    Hello, I want to stream with my New Nintendo 3DS XL, so I wanna learn how to do that. Can someone tell me how and even explain it? PS I mostly own 3DS games Digitally and only games I own Physical for 3DS is: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon White. Thank you in advance!
  3. SViper

    ROM Hack Pokémon Anime Cries on Roms

    Can someone add Anime Cries to Pokémon Platimum, Soul Silver, White, Black 2, Emerald, Fire Red and other Pokémon games? For Pokémon who don't has Anime Cries yet replace with XY/ORAS/SM Cries. PS: If someone want help me complete Pokémon Anime Cries just contact me in one of these Pokémon 3D...
  4. SViper

    ROM Hack Pokemon Multi Language

    Is there a project for GB, GBC, GBA and NDS Pokemon games for Multi Language? If there is no such a project, then could someone create project like this if they wanna? I could help with Lithuanian translations.
  5. SViper

    ROM Hack Pokemon Platinum Dongle Pokemon DeSmuME

    Anyone know how work Pokemon Dongle (GBA Slot catchable Pokemon) in Pokemon Platinum in DeSmuME?
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