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    Hardware Switches with "init eMMC failed problem"

    I have had few Switches with presumably dead eMMCs. These switches were never opened before One switch runs Ubuntu fine but Hekate or other payloads cannot access the eMMC and I can’t backup the eMMC even with HAC-EMMC external reader. One switch (maybe patched) accepts payloads via TegraRCM...
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    Hardware PS4 Pro, steady blue light, fan won’t spin, PSU OK

    Hello, I have a PS4 Pro 71XX which has some of the BLOD symptoms. When I power on the PS4 the blue light turns on, steady light, no blinking and after 20 seconds the PS4 turns off. During powering on I can hear a soft click from disc drive, the HDD starts spinning but fan won’t start to spin...
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