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  1. ScottSchods

    Hacking Question A few questions about managing my emunand/sysnand

    -Can I safely downgrade my emunand from 10.0.1 to 10.0.0 (emuMMC) without burning fuses? -Can I restore my sysnand to factory settings and still access my emunand? -Can I move my installed SD card games (installed through CFW) from sysnand to emunand?
  2. ScottSchods

    Hacking Does EZ Flash Omega require fixed ROMs, or can I remove them from my library to save storage space?

    Currently my GBA ROM library for my EZ Flash Omega is around 34gb due to downloading an archive of every ROM with many file versions, and many of these are made up of standard versions: [f_4] versions and [f_5] versions. Will the EZ Flash Omega have any problems with the standard ROMs, or will I...
  3. ScottSchods

    Hacking EZ Flash Junior won't load all directories

    I have an issue where it won't load all of the directories on my EZ Flash Junior, using a 32GB SD card and either a GameBoy Color or GameBoy Advance SP. I have GB and GBC ROMs sorted alphabetically in separate directories, and have also separated them into English and non-English folders. It...
  4. ScottSchods

    Hacking Pokemon Sword/Shield can't find G-Max Butterfree Local Raid

    Local raid being sent from OFW to CFW SXOS Switch, will find any raid battle other than the G-Max Butterfree raids I have sent out. This is the only G-Max raid I have attempted, but I wonder if it is due to the increased distribution of G-Max Butterfree due to the online event. This particular...
  5. ScottSchods

    Hacking Is it safe to share a game update from a homebrewed switch to an unmodded switch?

    I need to update DOOM on my switch, but I am unable to download the ~7GB update. My friend has a pirated version of DOOM, along with the update. The switch's update sharing would allow me to gain this update, but I am worried that the pirated update would lead me to being banned. Does anyone...
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