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  1. Alexander1970

    Joe Biden - 1 Year

    Are you satisfied/happy with him ?
  2. Alexander1970

    Hacking Wii Error Message "UNITY FATAL: Failed to load strap reminder data".

    Hello.:) This Message appear when I boot these Games via an USBLoader: Maybe a Filesystem (FAT32/WBFS) Issue ? I did not find Informations about this Message,so I have really no Idea to get those...
  3. Alexander1970

    Homebrew USBLoader GX Enhanced Mod v7 / JumpStart Games Error Message.

    Hello.😊 Tried JumpStart - Pet Rescue JumpStart - Escape from Adventure Island JumpStart - Get Moving Family Fitness JumpStart - Crazy Karts with @blackb0x USBLoader GX Enhanced Mod v7 and got this Message: No Nintendo/Wii Bootscreen,right after I clicked on "Start". The Wii Motion...
  4. Alexander1970

    The "Return of the Game Center" ?

    Maybe ? I really miss this great Section you have made for us.😢❤️
  5. Alexander1970

    Anybody hit/affected by the Kentucky Tornadoes ?

    The Pictures are looking horrible and very,very bad. Now that you can roughly see the extent of the disaster ... But they said,that possibly not as many fatalities are to be mourned as originally assumed. And now the "Cleaning up" Work.... That maybe makes this Years Christmas maybe very...
  6. Alexander1970

    TV Total Neuauflage

    Gefällt das jemandem ? Mir ned,ganz und gar ned....:rolleyes:
  7. Alexander1970

    Suggestion "Spend XP to Member" Option please !

    For Christmas please. Thank you.💖💕😉
  8. Alexander1970

    Hacking Others My emu is no longer working !!!! Any halp ?

    Can someone do something ?
  9. Alexander1970

    CHIP verlost ab 16 Uhr Steam Keys - schnell sein - nur heute den 6.Dezember 2021 Viel Glück,um 16 Uhr gibts ein neues Geheimwort,das benötigt wird.
  10. Alexander1970

    Hacking Gary Bowser invests in new Mod Chip for the OLED Switch Series

    Yes,he did. His Opa gives Money for new Idea.
  11. Alexander1970


    .....honestly ->🤦🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ STAR TREK for the Fortnite Generation ?
  12. Alexander1970

    Homebrew Nephew accidentally hurt some Human Being badly....

    Can he revert to a previous "Life Firmware ? or ....must he have to wait for a Fix ? And when ? :rolleyes:
  13. Alexander1970

    2021-10 Kumulativ Update for Windows 11 for x64-based Systems (KB5006746) Highlights Updates an issue that causes Internet Explorer to stop working when you type certain characters in the Input Method Editor (IME)...
  14. Alexander1970

    New AMD Chipset Drivers to (possibly) fix the AMD Performance Issues Good Luck.:)
  15. Alexander1970

    If you can go back in Time,which political "Event" would you prevent/avert ?

    No Time Limits (how far you go back) - but only for ONE Event.
  16. Alexander1970

    Resident Evil - Welcome to Raccoon City (Trailer)

    Honestly.....That is EXACTLY that Movie,real Resident Evil Fans (Parts 1,2 and 3) wants to see !!! 👌
  17. Alexander1970

    SD Card Adapter

    Is someone still using this "Thing" ?
  18. Alexander1970

    IDE / HDD Mod

    Did really someone this very hard to made Mod ?
  19. Alexander1970

    Someone has the USB-GDROM or USB Mod ?

    Really ? :unsure:
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