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    Gaming Hey Joe whaddya know? I want to go legit.

    Hello, I want to go (kinda) legit on my firmware. I am currently using 5.50 Prome-2 However when I select the 6.20 patch, it gives me the generic "The Firmware on your PSP is 9.90, there is no need to update". I tried using the recovery from the recovery menu. The one that says "Boot from...
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    PS1/2 Any way to cheat in PS2 games with the PS2 softmod?

    I am wondering if there is a "Cheat Device" program for the PS2 for legit games. That's really my main focus as I can finally whittle down my PS2 backlog in record speed.... So... is it possible?
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    Hacking So.... Why exactly can't I have a GCN memory card plugged in?

    Just curious. Most guides say to remove any GCN devices when installing certain apps. Just curious as to what happens if you don't heed that warning.
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    Hacking Any way to restore the Wii to factory settings?

    Yeah I have a quick question. I have installed several things onto my Wii one of which is something called "systemmenu v289". I want to get rid of systemmenu as I now have all the other cool methods for getting Homebrew on my Wii... ...I just lost all the documentation on how to from a recent...
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    Hacking Pokemon Platinum and framerate issues

    Am i the only one experiencing slight slowdown on the more intricate areas(cities mainly) in Platinum? I am using an Acekard 2.1 version with a 2GB Japanese Kingston card. Is the item menu supposed to be so daggone slow? EDIT: I remember it being fairly slow in Diamond and Pearl as well... I...
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    Hacking Acekard 2 Safe to buy again?

    Still unopened, my Acekard 2 stays on my shelf for fear that it is a ticking time bomb of wasted cash. What kind of support is there in case it fails? Is it safe to the DS compared to the other carts? Really, My biggest question is: Has the Acekard 2 team fixed the issues with the original...
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