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    ROM Hack APM MHX/MHGen Save Editor

    Ahhh so the New3DS can run Homebrew off of OOThax? That's great news as I've been meaning to find a way to port over my save from my Modded Japanese 3DS over to my US N3DS.
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    Gaming Pokemon Global Link problem

    Are you using a pirated copy of the game? That may have something to do with it. Mine is connecting fine.
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    3DS Community Stories

    While I haven't had much success with streetpass (I hardly take mine out) I have enjoyed the 3D more than I thought I would. I was kinda of disappointed with the lack of quality in Bust-a-move Universe, as it was a very barebones game, but the system really shines with Pilotwings: Resort. The...
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    Gaming CFW Banning?

    Sony maintains all rights to prevent access to their service. You agreed to it in the TOS. You also agreed not to use alternate means of accessing PSN or using a modified system. Really, Sony can ban you and you gave them the authority for them to ban you. Simple as that. As for whether...
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    PS3 Hackers able to sign code (and more)!

    Pretty sure that is a different beast. All online transactions are handled server-side. There would be little you could do to modify or "scre" up PSN directly from just having the keys.
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    PS3 Hackers able to sign code (and more)!

    ...But those that have the resources know it is possible. They know more or less what to look for. Ultimately this is Sony's fault.
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    PS3 Hackers able to sign code (and more)!

    The money would attempt to be a deterrent. When people have something they invest in, they are less likely to take a risk with it. A pay system will also require authentication and a method of distinguishing PS3s and user accounts reliably(if done correctly). It would also recoup the losses...
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    PS3 Hackers able to sign code (and more)!

    Nope... this is going to have dire consequences for the free PSN system. From a simple application of an easily obtainable cheat device combined with a free online play network means that there will be very little stopping the griefers and the cheaters online. I am not sure of Sony has had a...
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    PS3 Hackers able to sign code (and more)!

    Eh... this is a mixed bag. Piracy will be sure to ruin quite a few of the PS3's charm. Cheater's online will also begin to be more of a nuisance. Such a mixed feeling in the pit of my stomach.
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    Gaming Hey Joe whaddya know? I want to go legit.

    Yes I can, but flashing your PSP for one game back and forth would not be advisable.
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    Gaming Hey Joe whaddya know? I want to go legit.

    Well it looks like I am still limited... No access to PSN unless I have 6.35 Argh. I want to play my UMD of Phantasy Star Portable 2 online, but I wanna keep my homebrew... Is there any plugin that will do that for me?
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    Gaming Hey Joe whaddya know? I want to go legit.

    Hah! I forgot about that! There we go... and I had my MMS and Battery all ready and stuff Thank you guys. I can now enjoy my homebrew and have All sorts of fun again. I the case that I want CFW again... well I gots my Pandora Battery
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    Gaming Hey Joe whaddya know? I want to go legit.

    Yeah I got that... I'm thinking of just Jigkicking to 5.00M33. Then I can go from there. Hopefully
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    Gaming Hey Joe whaddya know? I want to go legit.

    Hello, I want to go (kinda) legit on my firmware. I am currently using 5.50 Prome-2 However when I select the 6.20 patch, it gives me the generic "The Firmware on your PSP is 9.90, there is no need to update". I tried using the recovery from the recovery menu. The one that says "Boot from...
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    PS1/2 Any way to cheat in PS2 games with the PS2 softmod?

    I am wondering if there is a "Cheat Device" program for the PS2 for legit games. That's really my main focus as I can finally whittle down my PS2 backlog in record speed.... So... is it possible?
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    Hacking 6.20 TN-B (HEN) Released !! Homebrew Enabler for all PSP model

    Hmmm.... I could always go all legit with my PSP games. I only have Patapon and Worms Open Warfare 2 on my PSP in ISO form. A few other puzzle games that I couldn't find in non-digital format too Puyo Puyo 7 is also too expensive to port. I want to keep my Homewbrew as well. I have Every...
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    BUY a n64 online

    Ah. You should really place images of the items you are selling. The images might cost a bit (I hate eBay now because of it) but if you can add them your Nintendo 64 would have been sold not too long ago. I have gotten a Sega Saturn with Nights and Analogue controller for 70 bucks though...
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    Gaming I can connect with XLink, anyone wanna join me?

    Xlink Kai Adapter still has trouble with some Windows 7/vista Drivers on my USB card, I wouls join you if I could. :/
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    Gaming MGS Peacewalker Help

    R&D has to be of sufficient level. Make sure you upgrade your Fulton Rcovery system before anything else so you can have a steady supply of soldiers.
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    Hacking How to get MGS: Peace Walker to Work

    MGSPW is a great game. I can't wait to beat the tank mission without it freezing >_>.
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