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  1. Olat

    Hacking gpsp save file location (retroarch)?

    Hi guys! I started using gpsp as my main GBA core on my Vita. I wanted to transfer the savefile from my previous core (VBA Next), but was not able to. I'm not sure where gpsp saves the save files on my card. It seems all emulators save the files inside savefiles folder, but gpsp does not. I...
  2. Olat

    Hacking GBA Emulation on the PS Vita

    Hello guys! I'm trying to emulate GBA on my PS Vita PCH-2000 and I'm having some trouble with it. I was hoping you could help me with tips and trick of your own, but please let me know if this is not the right place to ask. I am using Retroarch and the VBA Next core for GBA emulation. All...
  3. Olat


    Hello! My name is Olat, I love consoles and everything related to hacking and gaming!
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