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    ROM Hack [Release] Monster Hunter Double Cross - Full English Translation Patch

    Credit goes to Crosshex and Team Dasding for this amazing patch. This is a continuation of Dasding's UI translation patch for MHXX by Crosshex. However, Crosshex seems to be long gone, and the patch he created is now almost impossible to find. So I took it upon myself to re-release it, with the...
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    ROM Hack [Request] 30 FPS lock for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (USA)

    I'm very close to running this game full speed in Citra, but unfortunately I can't quite hit it consistently. I had written an 'essay' on r/citra, but it was removed by the moderators despite no rule violations being stated or obvious. I've pasted the original below. Even beyond this, though...
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    Hacking I bricked and un-bricked my 3DS yesterday. Now I'm trying to understand how I managed to do either.

    Hi all, Two days ago I purchased an N3DSXL and modded it using the guide. Yesterday, happy me brought my 3DS with me to work in sleep mode with MHXX open and 3D on. When I opened the system during my break, the game had frozen. After checking to make sure that the game could not be exited via...
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    ROM Hack MHXX hacking question

    Hi all, I've been playing MHXX for a while now, and noticed the textures are significantly worse than 4U on N3DS. I did some research and came up with a 4K texture pack for XX, which I will attempt to scale down and use for XX. I found Dasding's hacking tools for X/4U and successfully unpacked...
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    ROM Hack Posting Crosshex's MHXX Full English patch?

    Hi all, I recently found out that Crosshex's full english patch for MHXX, hosted on the now taken down 3dsiso site, is no longer available on the internet. I was one of the lucky few to snag the patch embedded into a V4 update CIA for the game. My question is, can I re-post this on GBAtemp, or...
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    Homebrew NES emulators with PAL support

    I'm looking for an emulator to run NES Elite as released in Europe, since it was never released in North America. I've tried Retroarch's, QuickNES and FCEUMM have timing issues caused by the attempt to run the rom as NTSC and Nestopia (A.K.A Mednaffen) crashes on loading the ROM. The unused (as...
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    Homebrew Link to rom for A2DS/Grape via Twilight Menu

    Hi all, I'm trying to run some apple II games on my N2DSXL. The only two emulators I've found are A2DS and Grape for the NDS. Unfortunately, documentation on these is pretty much nonexistent and I can't figure out if there's a way to use Twilight Menu to link to a ROM during launch. As I...
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    Hardware Need design help for 2ds xl charge grip

    Hi all, After getting my 2ds xl I decided that 5 hours on Mario Maker just isn't enough play time. I looked around and saw a DIY 3ds xl charge grip which is the way I've decided to go. I purchased Anker's Powercore+ Mini and I have a USB cable on the way. I also just happen to have a 3d printer...
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    Hacking 3D on 2DS XL via CFW?

    Hi all, Recently I found out that the 2ds xl's screen is 800x240, at least on early models, and thus capable of 3d provided it also has the parallax barrier. As it seems Ninty used 3ds xl screens in the 2ds xl, this seems likely. This leads me to my point - is there any chance that CFW could...
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