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    1715 - WWE Survivor Series (U)

    Thank-you for your observation, amended. Regards Angelical_1
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    1689 - TV TUNER PAL 1.3 (E)

    As strange as it may sound for some, when a cart or indeed hardware is dumped, it isn't done for the gratification of those who want the next latest of greatest game, It's done for the sake of completeness. Those who aren't wanting deemed useless dumps are quite welcome to do so, so the...
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    GBArms 3.2 released

    I believe I have fixed all the roms in the database that you refered to apart from "1394 - Peter Pan - The Motion Picture (E)(Rising Sun)". Exactly what is your error regarding this rom? EDIT: Please use the "Download Complete" database, then rescan. Sorry forgot to mention that. heh Kind...
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    GBArms 3.2 released

    Nope, sorry. The only methods supported are "Single Release" of "Range of Releases". Download ONLY selected releases might be added one day, though it's not a priority listed. Kind Regards Angelical_1
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    GBArms 3.2 released

    I'll be going methodically through the database (dat) to verify and ammend any inaccuracies. Though, it will take a number of weeks, so please don't hold your breath (unless of course you're very good at holding your breath) Kind Regards Angelical_1
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    GBArms 3.2 released

    You can safely delete this file. 3.2 creates a new installation directory.
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    1541 - Sonic Advance 3 (E)

    I've even heard rumours that on occasions you even have to run left as well. Oh, and Hiroshi21, please refrain from personal insults, we don't need another flaming session. Thank-you.
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    New: 1489 - Mario Vs Donkey Kong (U)

    Use 1.7.1 as already mentioned several times in this thread.
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    New: 1489 - Mario Vs Donkey Kong (U)

    1.7.2 as far as I'm aware was miscompiled.. also note that 1.7.2 isn't an official build according to VBA's homepage . I've tested this game with 1.7.1, and as yet no problems. Regards Angelical_1
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    Un-official Dual Screen DS Specs

    Hot off the press... information from the US magazine Game Informer issue 133 (May 2004) reveals specifications of the awaited Nintendo Dual Screen (DS). Whilst the information (to the best of my knowledge) hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo, I'll provide it here for your pleasure. - - - - - - -...
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    GBArms 3 released!

    No Requests Please !! Costello has already posted that the links in GBArms 3 are disabled atm.. 3.01 is due in the next few days. - - - - With regards to release 1073 and 1328. The only list I found reference of "1073 - The King of Fighters EX2 - Howling Blood (U)(9E8BAA87)" was in the...
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    GBArms 3 released!

    As long as you name your images (000x.png) with x being customisable such as 0001S.png / 0002S.png for screenshots .. T for titleshots, and X or B for boxart, you'll be able to assign a generic or specified location in the settings. - - - - A category sort is possible, yes.. atm it's not top...
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    GBArms 3 released!

    OPTIONS > SETTINGS > DISPLAY SETTINGS > MAIN FORMAT STRING %2% (%18%) would set to F-Zero (J) -------------------- With regards to images.. * ALL screenshots and titlescreens WILL be replaced to .PNG format directly from Visualboy Advance * 1050 will be corrected - Thanks * 0008 filename...
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    Trainer DAT - Major Update

    --=[ TRAINER DAT ]=-- Over 35 renamed Trainers !! Complete Database with Downloads 100% working !! The Trainer DAT now contains 259 releases !![/p]
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    New : 1332 - Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom (J)

    Errr.. In general I'd assume "most" would play on a Gameboy Advance or Emulator. If you find other uses for it they might be indecent and medication might be required, but that's a whole new thread. P.S - It is indeed 64Mbits, corrected title.
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    New : 1332 - Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom (J)

    Not multi-language as far as I can work out (checked all the options). The game itself (so far) is self explainatory.. Jump, fire, laser etc. US / Euro releases won't be too far behind. Kind Regards Angelical_1
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    New : 1332 - Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom (J)

    I've been looking forward to this release... Having played it for a while this is looking very promising, fantastic, can't wait for the US release. Trust me, give it a try !!! Regards Angelical_1
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    New: 1305 - Onimusha Tactics (E)

    1305 - Onimusha Tactics EUR 64Mbits (Patience) Languages: English Save Type : EEPROM_V122 [/p]
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    New Trainer DAT !!

    --=[ TRAINER DAT ]=-- 10 New trainers added. Many renamed Trainers. The Trainer DAT now contains 240 releases !! HOMEPAGE -[/p]
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    New Release: 1267 - Sword Of Mana (U)

    I thought I'd add that as a personal touch for you all on the forums. P.S. Sorry for the delay in posting the save type Kind Regards Angelical_1
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