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    Hacking SMB2 on Eshop for download

    probably, I live in California and i purchased $40 credit from the e-shop. After purchasing NSMB 2 i was left with 1 cent balance left.
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    Hacking SMB2 on Eshop for download

    i purchased it on day 1. On Sunday afternoon after i couldn't purchased it at Fry's for $29.99 because they were sold out. Anyways it does download to your SD Card. It shows up on your menu and loads like any other game or application. What i like is that u have the card slot free to load...
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    Gaming Mario 3D arrived

    The Game is not that short. Seems short because there's only about 5 levels or so for each world. I just beat the game 5 mins ago and even though i got through it fairly easy it still took alot of time. especially since i like to collect all the big coins. the ender is a cool twist that leads...
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    Gaming Mario 3D arrived

    Been playing it for the last 3 days and let me say it's awesome. the 3D levels are awesome. the video runs smoothly and look gorgeous in 3D. Lots of fun. Having a blast playing it. Love the tanooki suit. I've played mario games since back in super mario bros. on nes. let me just say that the...
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    Hardware Headset not working with black ops

    i had the same problem and this seemed to work for me. running cios rev 19 . running on 249. install ios 58. used preloader v.7 = enable the the two gecko usb settings. Save and then run game. this worked like a charm
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    Hardware Average Age of Gbatemp members that own 3DS

    Just turned 28 on the 15th. 3ds with 8 games. SSFII, Pilot Wings Resort, Steel Diver, Ridge Racer, Dead or Alive, Dream Trigger, Cubic Ninja & Zelda OoT. FOR ANYONE IN THE STATES, TARGET HAS A PROMOTION WHEN U BUY OCARINA OF TIME U GET ANOTHER GAME AT HALF PRICE.
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    Gaming Nintendo 3DS System Update

    update seems, interesting and call with the shop channel and free games. the notification also says it will have the feature of automatic updates , not so sure about that though. we are at a cross road people.
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    Gaming Streetpass success stories!

    . i was out all afternoon i went to Costco and then ToysRus, brought my 3DS hoping to connect with somebody and UNFORTUNATELY had no Luck. FYI ToysRus here in California (and probably the whole States) are having a buy one get one 1/2 off on 3DS games. Just so u know
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    Hacking Playing Black Ops on Configurable USB Loader?

    For Some Reason i Tried the cios [57] v20 and it wouldn't work for me either. I'm on 4.2U and was able to get it to work with Cios [57] v19 on 249. Campaign, Zombie , and multiplay all work fine , including Wifi . i doubt it makes a difference if it's on 249 or 250. but i had an old install...
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    Hacking Trouble playing several games on Softmaded Wii

    As Mentioned before Kirby Works fine on USB Loader GX. So Does Metroid Other M . I'm on 4.2u with Rev17 on ios 249, rev19 on ios250. Now if your up to date on all the ios, then u should just try to get a different iso of the games. i had same issues with games before and after searching online...
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