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    Hacking Wiiflow Doesn't start up

    So recently I modded a wii I had for a while now and followed the instructions on Wii.Guide. So after following the instructions I was able to start USB Loader GX and it starts fine and detects the game perfectly. But recently I wanted to use Wiiflow instead and was trying to use Wiiflow Lite...
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    Hacking Injected gamecube games and Gamecube adapter

    Basically put, is their anyway to use the official wii u gamecube adapter on Gamecube injected games made by WiiVC?
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    Hacking VPK Wont install (stays at 0%)

    just got a vita a couple of days ago with 3.60 henkaku is installed and I have successfully connected it to WinSCP on my laptop. I was able to move a VPK 'Retroarch to be exact" however when trying to install it, it stays at 0% 'waited about an hour' so I click the circle button to cancel but...
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    Hacking Getting DiscU Error 0xc000007b

    i keep getting this error every time im trying De-crypt a Wud file, is their anyway to fix it.
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    Homebrew Move Emunand Error

    Im following this guide after Downgrading my 3ds to 9.2 and i followed the whole guide perfectly up until the Move Emunand part, as i get stuck on this part when i try to select the Emuland Backup option it tells me my SD card is not formatted for...
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    Hacking Wiiflow Problem

    after seeing both Wiiflow and USB Loader i want to try out Wiiflow. i start it up and try to boot up a game however it always kicks me back to the vWii menu has anyone had this problem that got it fixed?
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    Hacking WiiFlow on vWii Help

    after almost all my games crashing using USB Loader gx, i decided i wanted to try a different Loader to see if it would make a difference. however after installing Wiiflow i tried loading a game, and it kicks me back to the home vWii menu. No matter what wii game i play it kicks me back to the...
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    Hacking vWii USB Loader problems

    hello all; Recently ive been dumping the games i have to my HDD so that i may use them on USB Loader gx, however i keep experiencing problems running games, these are just some of the errors. New Super Mario Bros wii - During level, song stops and once i clear the stage it freezes, needing...
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    Hacking vWii Usb Loader Trouble+Nintendont Trouble

    I recently hacked the vWii on the wii u, installing everything as said on the Sticky thread "Definitive vWii hacking Guide" Now after dumping some of my old wii games and two of my Gamecube games i got an error with them. first with USB Loader, i tried to run 3 games 'Kirby Return to...
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    Homebrew new to 3ds homebrew

    Hello everyone. Im new to the 3ds homebrew scene and would like some advice on how to get things started. For one i got a nintendo 2ds with 9.4 fw installed and i got a copy of cubic ninja. Now i hear about this ironhax and that i dont have to have use ninjhax for it, however i have to update...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX problem on vWii

    i am having an issue trying to get the USB Loader gx to work on the vwii in the wii u i installed the HBC and was able to get nintedont to work and it works fine with USB Loader i followed this tutorial to try to get Wii games to work now i ripped my copy of punchout and converted it to...
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