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    Hacking How to boot reatil Zelda Skyward Sword on Hacked Wii?

    I just bought the new Zelda game and I am super excited to play it. I've read lots of topics with no luck on getting the game to boot. I am on Wii 4.1U and want to retain my Wii's Hacked Status. I havent turned my Wii on in months so I have no idea what the new and ideal combination is for...
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    Crappy internet question....

    I am on Cox Cable internet and I am getting fed up with the shit that is going on. Can someone please explain to me what is going on? About half of the websites that I visit, even common ones like google sometimes say "Looking up" It then proceeds to go to the server is not...
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    Hacking Black Ops: Disc Loading/Multiplayer

    So I load my games via NeoGamma and Black Ops boots no problem. I am having issues with loading Multiplayer games though. When I choose connect to Nintendo WFC, bar starts spinning like its thinking, stutters as it seems to be loading something, then continues to spin and not progress to the...
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    Trans Sylvanian Orchestra

    Has anyone heard these guys? They are very similar to Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I can't find anything on them what so ever. No website, no wiki, I can't even find the CD on a torrent site, so it must be hard to find. I heard them on Pandora and they are available on various Pay for Music...
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    Question between gaming consoles and year born

    I have a question about how old/young/year born, one would need to be to appreciate a gaming console. Many users claim their favorite gaming console is x, yet they were born during the consoles production or they were born after the console was discontinued/next generation of consoles. ex...
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    Any good retro gaming websites?

    Does anyone know of good retro gaming websites? Most that I have come across aren't very thorough and don't have a lot of content that I feel there should/could be.
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    How to remove stickers from SNES labels?

    Hey, I just bought a lot of SNES games off of eBay and and some have the old rental sticker over the game label. Does anyone know how to safely remove the sticker with out damaging the label?
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    Games similar to Dungeon Hunter on iPhone

    I just finished playing Dungeon Hunter for the iPhone and I absolutely loved it. Does anyone know if there is a similar game for the iPhone?
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    Totally going for nostalgia here...

    For some reason today, while browsing the internet, a memory was triggered while I was looking at some screen shots of Super Mario 3. It was a memory of a good friend and I trying to play the game, and the damn NES spring wouldn't hold the game down. As many of you remember, I'm sure alot of you...
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    Hacking Tales of Monkey Island, Modification?

    Those of you who have played the newest installment of Monkey Island on Wii probably noticed the low audio quality that the game has. Since the PC version is perfect, is it possible to take the audio files from the PC version and place them into the Wii version? Just curious.
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    Hacking Wad Manager HBC Banner

    Sorry if this is a noob question, but I am looking for a nice HBC Wad Manager banner. I have searched through a ton of Manager threads and have yet to download a copy that has one. They only come with the boot.dol itself. Thanks!
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    Hacking Sam and Max & rev14

    With the ability to install the cIOS as any IOS, will that allow Sam and Max to be played without modifying the ISO to use a certain IOS?
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    Hacking Super Smash Hack!

    Wow, what is that? Two exploits within a month? First Bannerbomb, then Super Smash Hack? I wonder if SSH is more reliable then Bannerbomb. Hopefully they release it soon.
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    Homebrew Why is everyone betting on Softmod for DSi?

    I don't understand why everyone is betting that there will be a softmod for the DSi? This most likely won't happen! Everyone is discounting the most obvious thing to come out first, before a softmod. There will probably be a cart similar to the DS out first. Once the DSi carts are out in the...
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    Homebrew Diablo 2 Clone

    I was searching Diablo things on google and came across this, not sure if this has been posted yet. Some one is attempting to clone Diablo II to the DS. The demo doesn't do much, but seems like a promising start. The last update on...
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    Hacking Wii as media player

    Is there a program that I can stream music files to for a party I am having tonight? 1. I am on a Mac, does that make a difference? 2. Is there a way to it wirelessly? Thanks.
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    Homebrew NES DS

    I am having trouble with NES DS. I have an AceKard2 flashcart, and it is wonderful. When I load NES I get the root of the SD displyed, but I am unable to move, or select the folder that I want. Anyone else have a similar problem?
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    Gaming Pokemon Platinum on AceKard 2

    Does this game work on the Acekard 2? When I try and load all it does is sit at a white screen. Anyone else have luck or suggestions?
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    Gaming DSi Shop

    Hey, is Nintendo going to bring the VC to the DSi? If they are going to have old GB games on the DSi, I'm sold!
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    Hacking GH Metallica not working....

    Has anyone gotten GH Metallica to work in Gamma under 4.0? Mine loads the game fine but I have yet to actually enter a song.
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