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    Hacking Flash card for 3DS ROM

    Hello, is anyone know if a team is developping a card for playing our ROM copy (for saving) of 3DS games? Thank you Rmanal
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    Hacking M3 and dragon quest VI

    Hello, I have a M3 and I would like to know with which M3 OS can I run this game to bypass the protection? Thank you Rmanal
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    Gaming Are games for 3DS and DSi working on DS?

    Hello, my question is to know if games for 3DS or DSi are working with a card on a DS? Thank you Rmanal
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    Gaming Pb in Call of Atlantis with the official cheat

    Hello, i'm using a M3, and playing the Call of Atlantis game, europe version, french language. The cheat code on the official cheat DB is not working. I'm trying to use all of them: is it possible to be due to the fact i have choose french language instead the cheat have been developed for...
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    Hacking Last OS for

    Hello, I have the R4i Gold from, not in version 2.0 but the old one and i'm looking for a updated OS working with it because on the official site the OS is no longer updated, the new one for the 2.0 version is not functionning. My problem is that actually some games do not work, like...
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    Hacking Supercard DS one SDHC and FF 4 heroes of light

    Hello, are someone playing the last FF because for me the last OS of the supercard does not remove the antipiracy protection of the game? Thank you Rmanal
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    Gaming Supercard DS one: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing

    Hello, I have a super card DS one SDHC and a friend of mine the R4 and we are not able to run the Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing game. We have both installed the last OS corresponding to our card but without any success. Could anyone explain to us how to do? Thanks in advance Rmanal
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    Hacking Zelda spirit track: M3 save file before the sand temple

    Hello, has anyone a M3 save file corresponding to the game just before the sand temple (after the 4 temples)? I have used badly cheat code and now my save file is bugged. Thanks Rmanal
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    ROM Hack Browser inside and supercard one

    Hello, i have made search to find how to make working browser inside on my supercard one but I haven't found anything for the supercard. Furthermore I don't find the search function very easy to use... Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance Rmanal
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    Gaming Mini ninja cheat code and Rominator questions

    Hello, I have a problem by using the cheat code for MINI NINJA on my M3 real card. When I go to the fantastic world, it freezes. Is there something to do? And finally ;-) i'm using Rominator which seems to be dead: is there another as good software doing the same thing? Thank you very much Rmanal
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    ROM Hack Mini Ninja cheat code with M3 real card

    Hello, I have a problem by using the cheat code for MINI NINJA on my M3 real card. When I go to the fantastic world, it freezes. Is there something to do? I can't play the game "Mario_and_Luigi_Bowsers_Inside_Story": is there now a solution for M3 user except the Sazuka OS? And finally ;-)...
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    Hacking How to use the cheat code

    Hello, I have the supercard DS one V3 with the last standard OS and I really does not anderstand how I can activate the cheat code individually for one game. I can activité the general option "cheat code" but how to choice a particular cheat for this game? I have read many guides in the...
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