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  1. rahaat

    Hacking Question Computer not detecting 2nd switch despite being unpatched

    I have another switch which is unpatched (I checked by looking at the serial number and confirmed this), but when I plug it in to my PC, the device is not recognize yet it still charges. I know this is not a driver issue as with the same cable and PC I am able to send a payload via tegra smash...
  2. rahaat

    Hacking Question Factory Reset to remove traces of sx-os

    Is there any way to remove the traces of using homebrew/the sx os, such as through doing a factory reset? or is the logs still there?
  3. rahaat

    Homebrew [Help!] ctr-httpwn not working on luma 8.1.1 + B9S 1.2

    recently i have updated to B9S and ctr-httpwn comes up with an error to load the haxx, the friends menu work but games like Pokemon Sun are not working, but they were working before Im on a O3DS 11.2, with Luma 8.1.1 and B9S 1.2, can someone help! p.s dont say "why dont you update"; as i have...
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