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  1. Segtendo

    Hacking vWii Problems

    (Feel free to move this if it is in the wrong section) Hi folks. I bought Super Smash Bros. Brawl today to get homebrew set up on my vWii. Got the channel installed, backed up the IOS's, extracted the keys, and backed up my NAND (following this guide). Ready to go! However, I have two problems...
  2. Segtendo

    Hacking Neogamma doesn't work!

    I'm in need of help. My bro updated the Wii to play Black Ops online. He went through Gecko before, but he got annoyed of it, so he updated. I go to Neogamma later and noticed that it didn't have a "Load from WBFS" option or w/e it is. It only had a "Load from DVD" option (yes, I have my flash...
  3. Segtendo

    Hello GBAtemp!

    Hey guys! I'm Segtendo. I've occasionally used the FileTrip download section to get some stuff for my R4! Also, I have a friend on here (iYoshi, if that's his name on here).
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