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    New AK2 Firmware released

    AK2 firmware version 4.11 out now Fixed 2540, 2796 Fixed save file corrupted of FFXII by forcing use old engine when start Source and Download
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    D2Pro9 FW Update

    Source Download
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    D2Pro FW Update

    (source same as above)
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    AK RPG OS Menu 4.09 released

    Acekard just released version 4.09 of their OS Menu for the RPG: LINK Apparently only one gamefix:
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    Acekard RPG OS Menu 4.07 just released

    Official Acekard Rpg OS Menu 4.07 is out now. Here is the changelog: Download here:
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    Custom Acekard RPG Firmware w/3in1 support updated

    Just released is a new custom firmware for the Acekard RPG with support for the EZFlash 3in1 expansion pack. Changes from readme: Download here:
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    Custom Acekard RPG firmware w/3n1 support update

    Just released is an update to the custom Acekard RPG OS Menu with 3n1 support. Here are the changes from the readme: Download here:
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    Hacking Acekard RPG Cheats

    If anyone needs help with getting cheats working on the RPG, here you go. Heres how to use cheats on the RPG: 1. DL these files: Crackers AKRPG Cheat Formatter- Latest RPG Firmware- 2. Extract fw to...
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    Acekard RPG OS Menu 4.06 and Sourcs Code out

    Acekard team released version 4.06 of their RPG OS Menu. Also released is the source code for 4.06. Link:
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    Acekard RPG OS Menu 4.04 released

    Link: Readme says: "Fixed most single card donwload play issues." Go to start menu, select special. Option is: "Singal Card Play" - "Enable/Disable" Edit: Posts edited together, duplicate deleted. Don't double post. - Ace
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    Acekard RPG OS Menu 4.03 Out

    Version 4.03 firmware is out now for Acekard RPG. Link : Website says support for AR code.
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