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  1. Zenith94

    Hacking System Files Are Corrupted?

    So I have my Wii mod with the homebrew channel and all that but I haven't touched it in a year and a half or so. Now it is saying "The System files are Corrupted" or something. Does anyone know how I can fix this?
  2. Zenith94

    Misc Official WarioWare DIY Friend Code Exchange

    Since WarioWare DIY just came out today, it's probably best to make a friend code exchange thread so people can share their content. Just post your name and friend code here in this format: Name: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX Then, add everyone that is on the list to your friends list. Only post your friend...
  3. Zenith94

    Hacking Still having problems with WarioWare DIY

    Everytime I download a game from one of my friends it says saving and then the game freezes. When I go back to see if I have it its not there. Everthing else works and saves fine and i have the latest patch. Any solutions?
  4. Zenith94

    Gaming Ip Address?

    What is the difference between and
  5. Zenith94

    Gaming Quetions about computer viruses

    Ok I have a couple questions about computer viruses: 1. How does a computer virus enter the computers memory? Now to my understanding it is download to the RAM's temperary internet files memory cache from the internet and then transfered to the hard drive where it grows into full effect before...
  6. Zenith94

    Gaming What should I upgrade?

    So I just started playing some pc games and some of them out their are pretty demanding, so I think its time for an upgrade. Here are my pc specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Operating System Intel Core™2 Duo CPU E8300 @ 2.83GHz 2.83 GHz 3.00 GB (RAM) ATI Radeon HD 2400 Intel 8256V-2 10/100...
  7. Zenith94

    Gaming Final Fantasy for $20? Has anyone else seen this Gamestop offer? They say if you trade in 2 select games from the list you can save $40 on God of War 3 or Final Fantasy 13. But wouldn't that make the game only 20 bucks? I have to be reading it wrong, can someone...
  8. Zenith94

    Gaming Anyone ever used

    So my friend asked me to check out this game called Diablo 2 but at Gamestop it is $20 and another $20 for the expansion pack. I just can't see spending that much for a 9 year old game so I checked ebay and there were not that many but then I found So I ask, has anyone ever bought a...
  9. Zenith94

    Best Download Manager?

    Hey I am currently searching for a lite download manager to replace the Internet Explorer 8 one. I don't really need one like flashget or anything like that, just something that lets me stop and resume big file downloads.
  10. Zenith94

    Gaming Windows 7 Install Problem

    I ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor and every was fine except for Windows Aero Support. This is the report: Your current graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero user interface. If you want to experience the benefits of Windows Aero, contact your PC manufacturer or retailer to see if an...
  11. Zenith94

    Gaming Computer Virus - Cannot Open Programs!

    Ok so on my XP I have this virus that prevents me from opening any programs and fake windows protection programs keep popping up saying I have a virus and need to buy the software blah blah blah. There fake so I just keep closing them. But when ever I try to open my real virus program, or any...
  12. Zenith94

    Text Remover

    Can someone please remove the from these pictures: Thanks!
  13. Zenith94

    Gaming Disc Drives Problem

  14. Zenith94

    Gaming Lost Planet 2 Demo - Download link?

    Does anyone have a download link to the Lost Planet 2 co-op Demo? Not a marketplace link. I can't download it off the marketplace because its for gold members only and since the rating is pending you have to be 18+ to download it. So if anyone has a link where to download the demo so I...
  15. Zenith94

    Gaming Forever Ban?

    Hey has anyone been around the forums? Its my favorite website for 360 achievements and I go on it about every day. So I made a post asking for someone to lend me a product key. Someone respond to the post and the next thing I know I tried to reply but it gave me this message: You...
  16. Zenith94

    Gaming If anyone knows about the internet please help

    A while back I was trying to make torrents download faster so I ran this program that I think changed my FTP/HTTP server, if that makes sense. Well I havent been able to use internet explorer, Google chrome, upload pictures on photo bucket, or games that connect to internet. My computer is...
  17. Zenith94

    Gaming Computer Problems, Please Help

    1) I started messing with the http and ftp to make torrents download faster but it didn't work. All it did was make internet explorer and google chrome stop working. That is, they couldnt connect to the internet. Iam now using firefox. But then other programs like steam stoped working. 2) Every...
  18. Zenith94

    Does anyone know about Amazon?

  19. Zenith94

    Lets Crop on Master Chief

  20. Zenith94

    Hacking homebrew channel wad?

    iam looking for a wad for the homebrew channel. because iam still on beta 8 and 4.0 and everytime i try to update it i get an eror message. is there a wad that just installs a new homebrew channel that is v1.1? off course i will be running wad manager threw homebrew channel beta 8 to install it...
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