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    Misc [Question] NSO Subscription bought from Nintendo Korea

    Does anyone know if I can redeem a NSO subscription code that I bought from Nintendo Korea website and use it? My Nintendo Switch's region is set to USA and its country of origin is USA.
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    Gaming [Request] Pokemon Black 2/White 2 Save File

    Hi, does anyone have a Pokemon Black 2 or White 2 save file that they are willing to share? Any will do, ty!
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    Homebrew Request: Pokemon Black 2 [J -> U] Action Replay Cheat Code Conversion Request

    nvm, i got help, mods please delete/hide this thread, thank you
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    ROM Hack [Request] Let's Go Eevee and SwSh 1.3.1 60-FPS Mod

    Hi, can someone create 60-FPS mod for the following: Let's Go Eevee v1.0 & v1.1 and Let's Go Pikachu v1.1 Sword/Shield v.1.3.1 I found the 60-FPS mods for LGP v1.0 and earlier versions of SwSh but couldn't find for the above listed. Thx
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    Hacking Extracting cheat code from NTR plugin

    The cheats for Bravely Default doesn’t work on Citra but there is a set of different cheats in speedfly’s cheat.plg tand they work. How can I extract the cheat codes from this cheat.plg so I can use that cheat on citra instead of the JourneyOver’s cheats that don’t work?
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    Gaming [Help Request] Digimon World DS Japanese Code Conversion

    Can someone help me convert this Japanese action replay code for Digimon Story DS (J) to Digimon World DS (U)? No Training Stress 020CE510 E3A01000 020CE550 E3A01000 Thanks so much. You can reach me here or on Discord at Sharcade#6605
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    Misc 6th Generation Pokemon Global Link Revival

    Hi, could someone make a custom XYORAS Global Link servers that allow for Game Sync?
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    Gaming Pokémon BWB2W2 Dream World Save File

    Hi does anyone have a save file with BWB2W2 that’s legitimately connected to the dream world once? I’d prefer the save file to be in the beginning of the game and not cheated or hacked in any way but any save file would be fine. If anyone has one for any of the 4 games please give it to me.
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    Misc [Request] Pokemon 5th Gen Dream World

    Hi can someone create the dream world for altwfc?
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