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    Hacking ISO burning problem

    i kno i have to patch it, but right now i dont know how to get the ISO file from those Rayman files. when i open the .dvd with imgburn it just burns on to the disk, it doesnt give me an ISO file
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    Hacking ISO burning problem

    ohh i didnt know about that i'll try that. thanks the game is said to work on the compatibility list with wiikey
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    Hacking ISO burning problem

    i used imgburn, but the wii wont recognize the disk i think its because the game is PAL, and my Wii is NTSC do i need to patch it some how? i thought wiikey has built-in region free
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    Hacking ISO burning problem

    i just downloaded the iso and extracted the RAR file. and the extracted files were rayman.000 rayman.001 rayman.002 rayman.003 rayman.004 rayman.dvd and i have no idea what to do with that, also the game is PAL, and i have a NTSC wii with Wiikey. what do i need to do?
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    Gaming Will You Be BUYING Any Of The "Big Three"?

    buying a game certainly makes it more enjoyable. pirating takes away the joy of finishing it 100% and replay. i think i'll buy metroid nvr liked 3D mario and Smash isnt really a first person game, so i guess download if i get wii modded
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    DS #1093: Touch the Dead (USA)

    touch or die motherfucka first boss is hard
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    OMFG !!! iS HERE! ~_~ getting busy with pw2 and this
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    anyone hav "Karankushi" is a Pink SLug, just wondering if it is a pre evo form of lapras as many ppl are saying...and when does it evolve
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    hahaha, man you sick fuck this game is pretty fun, i dunno y game spot gave it such a low score, other sites gave it an average of 8.5/10
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    i think the controls for this game is just fine, pretty good game. does this game save automatically?
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    finally, this game looks awesome!
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    Hacking For the SAME price, G6L or SCL+512TF

    ppl kept mentioning homebrews compatibility, what homebrews are good enough to make supercard standout? (since i nvr used any homebrews, any homebrew in particular is a must hav?)
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    Hacking The DS-Xtreme - Information

    125 for new technology is not bad, think how much the old G6 cost? it was like 150+
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    Hacking For the SAME price, G6L or SCL+512TF

    for those that hav SCL, how does it look on a DSL? does it stick out at all? cus in the pictures it seems like its sticking out a tiny bit. and how about the color? does it match the white DS perfectly? cus i kno G6 looks perfect with DSL
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    Hacking m3 lite or supercard lite?

    ^ haha you must be a supercard fan, supporting supercard all over the forum. i think ill get a SCL
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    Hacking DS lite and supercard SD???

    i had a Blue DS with supercard SD and it looked great, then i got a White Lite....and it was insanely ugly. really really bothered me. i mean, it sticks out in the end for about abit more than 2cm. and is blue. AND the end part of the SCSD is slightly rised by 2mm, which make it look even...
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    Hacking m3 lite or supercard lite?

    ^ totally agree with the GBA part about SC, which made me lose some major saves....made me lose interest in playing GBA games, since each game takes 15 seconds to load up, and saving needs the button pressing. but for the DS part about SC, is fantastic, love it so much, quick to load, easy to...
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    Hacking For the SAME price, G6L or SCL+512TF

    when i had my supercard SD, the thing i hate the most was the GBA part. slow loading and the Save funtions. hated that so much. but now i rarely play GBA games. the thing i liked the most was the DS support, nvr had a single problem playing games.
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    Hacking For the SAME price, G6L or SCL+512TF

    from what i read in the G6 section alot of ppl some ppl are having problems playing games like MarioKart or AnimalCrossing...not that would be a problem for me since i hav a EZ4L
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