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    Hacking List of Offline ONLY games?

    I've got 2 PS4 Pros - one online updated to latest FW while I'm prepping an older 5.05 Pro to be jailbroken. My online Pro is currently at its max storage, 2TB internal + 5TB external. Instead of adding more storage (I like the use of a smaller, non-powered external drive and internal 4TB SSD...
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    Hacking What can we expect from the OpenOrbis DevKit release? I know this SDK is for < 5.05, but can it (indirectly) lead to a > 5.05 kexploit? I suppose anything that helps with building the PS4 homebrew community is a good thing.
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    Hacking 6.20 "method" has been released! More disappointing than I was even expecting. :(
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    Hacking Real news from a scene dude or just Fake News?

    Is EbootleggerJOE someone in the PS4 scene?
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    Hardware Any reasons to have an activated PS Vita/PS TV?

    So I bought a new PS4 Pro recently after selling my old PS4 (phat) a few months ago. Since my old console was activated as the Primary console, I am not able to activate my new console as the Primary one. The only way it seems that I can accomplish this is to go into my PSN account online and...
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    Hacking Possibility to play 5.xx games on firmware 4.05

    Can't post a link, but there's an article on Wololo about this... Has anyone tried this out on any >4.05 games? I have a hunch many of the new games have >4.05 functionality built into them, but I wonder if we could get incremental builds to work? For example, if a game was released on 4.07...
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