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    Hardware Switch not turning. Replace USB C

    Hi. Any help please. Brought a Switch that had bent pins in the usb-c. Replaced the port and still will not turn on. The M92t36 chip gets warm. The BQ24193 chip is quite hot. Console will not turn on. Tried and battery with charge and won't power on either. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch Chip

    Hi could anyone give me some info or better still where I could get 1 of these chips from. I brought a broken switch and this chip appears cracked. Thank In advance
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch right joycon motherboard connector

    Brought a Switch and the right joycon doesn't work. Disassembled it and someone had melted the motherboard connector. Is there anywhere I can buy z new connector or does someone have the pinout for it so I can solder wires to the rail. Thanks in Advance
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