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  1. SuperHans111

    Hardware Joycon stopped being recognised

    Oh wow thanks man! Maybe it's a problem with AMS? Good to know I am not the only one.
  2. SuperHans111

    Hacking Could someone hack the Japanese voices into the US Klonoa?

    Weeb. Try learning a language
  3. SuperHans111

    Hardware Joycon stopped being recognised

    Thanks for your help, I tried that but with no luck. None of them need updating
  4. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question Retroarch / Atmosphere crash - error code 2001-0123 (0xf601)

    My PS1 emu has problems but no crashes. I think the emulator is being updated
  5. SuperHans111

    Hardware Joycon stopped being recognised

    After the latest AMS update, my joycons stopped turning on. I unplug and replug the battery and they work fine until I dock my Switch with them attached, then they won't turn on. I tried using other joycons and the same thing happens. Any ideas?
  6. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question CBR/CBZ manga reader for Switch?

    I have cute manga. I didn't know I can unpack CBZ files into .jpegs Can I do this? Thanks for the info btw
  7. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question CBR/CBZ manga reader for Switch?

    I'm just wondering, is there a CBR/CBZ manga reader for Switch? Many of the comics/manga I want to read are in CBZ format and I would like to read them. Thanks!
  8. SuperHans111

    Homebrew RELEASE Xash3D (Half-Life) - Custom Goldsrc Engine for Switch

    Hope this gets updated. It seems to run really slow on latest cfw
  9. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    So what did you delete? Your checkpoint backups or the ingame save?
  10. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    Can you test this and confirm if it works? Thanks :)
  11. SuperHans111

    Hacking RELEASE Team Neptune presents DeepSea. A new AiO CFW package, that continues where Kosmos left off.

    Are there any working patches for this yet? My homebrew doesn't work.
  12. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    I've never had this error before until recently. Even with incognito.
  13. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    Glad to know I'm not the only one! Thanks for the temporary workaround. Maybe it's a problem with Atmosphere.
  14. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    How do you work that out? That's not true btw. I have a 1TB card with 500GB left of free space.
  15. SuperHans111

    Hacking Question Error Code 2002-0039

    When my Switch tries to connect to the Nintendo services it crashes and I get the error code 2002-0039 (0x4e02) Program: 0100000000001005 Firmware: 10.1.0 (ams 0.14.1) It happens when I try to update a game the official way, when I load up N++, Worms, etc. Any time it tries to connect to Ninty...
  16. SuperHans111

    Gaming N++ crashes on startup?

    Please delete
  17. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question Would it be possible to remove the "Nintendo Services are currently not available" popups?

    Interesting. Thanks for the info. I know enough about programming to understand the concept but I probably wouldn't know how to create this kind of patch or mitm applet. lol
  18. SuperHans111

    Hacking RELEASE Latest FS and Acid Patches for Kosmos

    Are there no patches that work with DeepSea 1.5.1?
  19. SuperHans111

    Homebrew MelonDS wont launch games

    Where do I put the bios files in retroarch? just /retroarch/system?
  20. SuperHans111

    Homebrew Question PS1 Emulation on Switch

    Yeah I changed the location of the bios folder. I got it working. Thanks man!
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