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  1. SonOfSein

    James Pond Codename Robocod (E)

    I can personally attest that the Game Gear and SMS versions work beautifully on DrSMS. :gbasp:
  2. SonOfSein

    Happy New Year & Competition

    Happy New Year to everyone on the forum. Thanks in particular to those who run this site- not just for this kickass contest, but for all the work you put in every day. I can't imagine how many hours you all must clock, but I've been a big fan of your work and a frequent visitor for over a...
  3. SonOfSein

    Official GBAtemp Bi-Yearly Awards Winners

    Congrats to all winners on being way better than everyone else. The awards are just a great idea in general for promoting a forum where people are kind, helpful in numerous ways...and coocoo crazy/funny (take your pick). Also, those new awards sure are sexy...I mean, cool! *ahem* Kickass...
  4. SonOfSein

    Has GBATEMP thought of this yet?

    I'm with those who think the site is good to go, as is. There's already a DS-exclusive section in the Forums, so that's all set. Since the DS is an entirely different system, it only stands to reason ROM releases will be numbered independantly of the GBA releases, so there would be no...
  5. SonOfSein

    It's'a Me Mario ... err ... Jon!!

    Hey, Jonathan, don't worry about your lack of ambition. I came to this site for over a year before I actually signed up. This is the only forum I've ever frequented, and I never go wanting. It''s like a family here. Audience: Awwwwwww... Heh heh, seriously, though, there's lots of...
  6. SonOfSein

    1815 - Disney's Girls Pack (G)

    The Lion King game in the pack is that earlier GBA release, Lion King 1 1/2...why the hell did they take the number out of the title? :hmm: I thought for a second it WAS the old Genesis game...damn Disney's name-changing treachery! I would have braved the title to play that game. If someone...
  7. SonOfSein

    1811 - Power Pro Kun Pocket 7 (J)

    As far as I know, it's a baseball game. Pitching, batting, fielding, all that good stuff. I'm not sure if there is anything else to it (RPG-type elements like level building, collecting items, etc.). I've never played any of 'em because they were never brought to the States and no one has...
  8. SonOfSein

    1809 - Moero Jaleco Collection (J)

    Ha ha! Awesome NES collection. I used to own Bases Loaded and Goal! (both included in this collection, along with Bases Loaded II, Moero!! Pro Tennis, Hoops and Moero!! Judo Warriors). A little tip to anyone playing Bases Loaded (if the Japanese versions are identical to the U.S. ones): play...
  9. SonOfSein

    1757 - The Urbz Sims In The City (E)

    Has anyone else had a problem getting Urbz onto a 256 cart? I use the ancient XG-Flash 1 256 and it keeps telling me the game is too big. Never had this problem before. I even tried loading up other 256mbit releases (like GBA Video ROMs, the Prince of Tennis ROMs from Japan, etc.), which are...
  10. SonOfSein

    1751 - Lord of the Rings Third Age (U)

    IGN has the first site review up for this game (at least as far as the ones that Gamerankings lists). Check it out: Game Boy: Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Sounds like other, earlier turn-based strategy games- perhaps even mentioned on this topic by Z_Hunter- might be the games worth flashing.
  11. SonOfSein

    1744 - Texas Holdem Poker (U)

    Yup, Celebrity Poker Showdown here in the States is a good example (pretty good show, by the way). I'm glad to see this release; this was, in my opinion, something that shouldn't have been left out of Ultimate Card Games (1523). But hey, Ultimate Card Games has cribbage, the best card game...
  12. SonOfSein

    1723 - Golden Nugget Casino (U)

    Payback (which I heard was a Dec. 7th release date here in the States) is a game "inspired" by the gameplay of GTA. In other words, they lifted basically any element of GTA you can think of. The major difference, in terms of the GBA, is that the developers of Payback have gone to great lengths...
  13. SonOfSein

    1723 - Golden Nugget Casino (U)

    Yes, let us all thank Nintendo for supporting us GBA owners a little bit longer. I mean, if they were to dump their current handheld before the next one even came out, that would look pretty bad. (Another few months, hey, then everyone would understand ) The GBC got games well after the...
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